CPI-M accuses BJP of ‘playing with emotive issues’ in Assam

New Delhi,   Alleging authorities bias in compiling the national register of citizens (NRC) in Assam, the CPI-M on Sunday accused the ruling BJP of “playing with emotive issues” in the state for electoral gains.

It said that the proposed amendment to the Citizenship Act on the basis of religious affinity of the people was “straining the already fragile unity of the people in Assam”.

“Religious and linguistic minorities are under severe pressure due to incomplete and deliberate discrimination in the process of the updating of the national register of citizens (NRC) and the category of doubtful voters,” the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) said at the conclusion of its three-day Central Committee meeting wherein the issue was discussed.

“The unity of the people belonging to different religions, languages and ethnicity must be the foremost objective. Playing with emotive issues for electoral gains by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and RSS is worsening the situation,” it said.

“The CPI-M opposes any amendment based on the religious affiliation of the people to determine their citizenship,” it added.

On electoral reforms, the CPI-M reiterated its demand of scrapping the electoral bonds scheme.

The party said it would conduct a nationwide campaign and organize seminars/conventions/public meetings demanding urgent electoral reforms.

“This will include the propagation of the CPI-M stand for proportional representation with partial list system in the elections. This campaign will also highlight the need for making funding of political parties transparent and demand the withdrawal of the electoral bonds introduced by the Narendra Modi government as also the amendment made to the FCRA which is only legalizing political corruption,” it said.

This campaign for electoral reforms will be conducted in the coming three months, it said.