Mitej Teji

(Asian Independent)- The situation in India is going from bad to worse. Now the Supreme Court under new CJI N V Ramana is working hard to regain back public confidence.

Prior to CJI Ramana’s take over, the Supreme Court has given judgements in favour of the Government even knowing that it has intention to withdraw the Indian Constitution and replace it by Manusmirity. Such bias judgements have disillusioned the public and in return their trust in the justice system has dispersed.

The public view about the courts is that they are in support of the offenders and penalising the victims. They feel that some Judges are in disregard of Satya Mev Jayate. The ones working in aid of the public are being locked and those carrying out inhumane practices are still walking free.

It regrets to say, the Supreme Court Judges who have aided the Government have ended in high positions in the Parliament. Through this, the dignity and integrity of the Indian Justice has been damaged. It is an insult to all who have contributed in drafting of the Indian Constitution.

Since Independence and under guidance of the Indian Constitution, India had reached to a level and was amongst the top super powers of this world. Unfortunately, since this Government’s takeover it has had a big downfall because this Government’s agenda is not to promote India’s progress but to establish Hindutva in it.

On social media cases are being shown where the Muslim communities are being targeted by the Hindutva supporters. They are being handpicked and mercilessly beaten and the annoying part is that the Police through false cases is jailing them and letting the offenders of the hook. Mob lynching is now becoming a normal sight.

Not only the Muslims but even the other communities are also being targeted. The Dalits and the Kisaans are also falling prey. Seeing this, the Brahmins and many Hindus have also started to oppose this Hindutva ideology. They see it as downfall of India and insult to those who have given sacrifices to gain freedom that is enjoyed by all.

By establishing of Hindutva, the clock is going to turn back to slavery and the suffering is going to be immense. Rape, torture, mob lynching and encounters will be normal sight and such is already happening in Uttar Pradesh and in other BJP controlled areas.

How can Manuvadis claim that India belongs to them when the worldwide historians have stated that the Aryans and the Muslims have entered and settled in India. So to give equal right to all regardless of caste, culture or creed, the Indian Constitution was introduced and it declared India as a secular country.

It was finalised by Baba Sahib Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar and was introduced on 26th January 1950, two years after the Independence. The history to how India was freed from the clutches of the British Raj cannot be ignored. It clearly verifies who supported the British and who have fought against them to free India.

It must not be forgotten that Sardar Udham Singh was present there when the massacre in Jallianwala Bagh – Amritsar took place. Michael O’ Dwyer authorised this massacre.
Sardar Udam Singh followed him and assassinated him in London. This shows that the Punjabis, will go to any length for revenge. The Sikhs are and will always be remembered for their bravery. Sardar Bhagat Singh is also another example.

Punjab has always been upfront in protection of India but today the Kisaans of Punjab who have fed India in the times of need are protesting to save their own lands from falling into the hands of the corporations.

The protests have been ongoing since many months and many deaths have occurred but the Government has failed to show of any interest towards them. Now the Supreme Court has also got involved in it and all are looking forward to justice.

On the social media there is an incident where Hindutva supporters have shown their disliking to a Buddha statue in Dalit vicinity. It shows of fight between the Ambedkarites and Hindutva supporters. Bricks and stones are being thrown at each other and injuries have been sustained.

In the manner the Police has handled the situation is debatable. The authorities have moved the statue to a secret location.

This is a big worry for all the communities because it was Dr Ambedkar who introduced Buddhism to break the caste barriers. Time has now come for all to unite and protect the Buddha statues. This should not be taken lightly because it shows of their hatred towards the Indian Constitution and Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

The Indian Courts as per Indian Constitution have duty to protect general public. In manner the situation is being built by the BJP supporters, it seems bloodshed is on the cards.

The Hindutva movement in UP is going to get aggressive towards the minorities. They are using religion as their platform and are forcibly making people to chant Jai Shree Ram. Anyone who refuses is given severe beating and deaths are happening. Through this, they are trying to create fear to win the election in year 2022.

So the general public is looking for justice from the courts because the offenders are escaping punishment and in return is encouraging others to follow.

Since CJI N V Ramana’s appointing, the Supreme Court has again started to gain momentum and mistakes left by some of the previous Judges are being corrected.

Regardless of caste, culture or creed all will have to unite together and stand in protection of the Indian Constitution. Belief is one’s own choice but now all will have to go beyond their belief if the ruling of the Indian Constitution is to be maintained. It is a national problem and can only be conquered via a united platform.

Through Indian Constitution all are benefiting but through Manusmriti only few will benefit and the rest will face dire consequences. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

Thank you.

– Mitej Teji