Young inventor develops ‘smart army camp’ to ensure safety of personnel

Army camp meerut

Meerut, (Asian independent) An inventor at the Atal Community Innovation Centre (ACIC) of the MIET Engineering College in Meerut has prepared a smart camp for the soldiers, which will not only protect those posted on the icy heights from the cold, but will also help them to check the movement of the enemy sitting at a distance of up to 50 km away from them.

Developed by Shyam Chaurasia, an engineering student, this Chargeable Smart Army Camp has small heater plates installed in it.

Intrestingly, there is no need for solar power or electricity to heat them, rather the soldiers can charge these heater plates with their own hands using a physical rotated charger.

According to Chaurasia, the camp also has a battery for backup purpose — thus the electricity can be stored and used when needed.

Similarly, the hi-tech sensors fitted in it will detect the movement of enemies from 50 km away and will also alert the soldiers living in the camp — thus will help them to act swiftly.

The smart camp has four human radio sensors that will help in conveying the information about the approaching enemy to the soldiers. These sensors are installed around the camp like land mines and are connected to the camp through radio frequency.

Chaurasia says that many times enemies have attacked the CRPF camps at night. There is always this possibility of more damage to life and property in such attacks. “I read about such incidents in newspapers… Then, I got the idea.”

A prototype project of the camp was prepared with the help of the college and the ACIC, Meerut.

Chaurasia says that funding was received from ACIC-MIET Meerut to prepare the camp. This made the project even better. Approximately Rs 24,000 was spent on the project.

He says that “if I get more assistance, I can make this camp bulletproof also”.

MIET Vice-Chairman Puneet Agarwal said that there is an Idea Innovation Research Lab in the Atal Community Innovation Centre of the college.

“Chaurasia’s project would ensure safety of our soldiers. A letter has been written to the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister for the cooperation and guidance over the project made by him”.

Mahadev Pandey, Scientific Officer of Gorakhpur said that this innovation is a good option meant for the security of the soldiers engaged in the defence of the country. If given a chance, it may prove to be even more effective, he said.

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