World record: Docs remove 7.4kg kidney from Delhi resident


New Delhi,  A kidney weighing 7.4 kg, which was claimed to be the world’s largest till date, was surgically removed from the abdomen of a 56-year-old Delhi resident at a city hospital, a doctor said on Monday.

“While a normal human kidney weighs between 120-150gm, this kidney equalled the weight of two newborn human babies,” said Dr Sachin Kathuria, urology consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here.

It took a two-hour surgery to remove the organ whose dimensions were 32 x 21.8 cm, and it had occupied almost the entire abdominal cavity of the patient.

The patient suffered from a genetic disorder, autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), in which fluid-filled cysts develop in both kidneys. This leads to swelling and renal failure. ADKPD later requires renal transplant.

“Although pre-operative scans showed a huge kidney, even we did not expect it will be the heaviest,” Dr Kathuria said.

Guinness World Records mention the removal of a kidney weighing 4.25 kg by doctors in 2017 from a patient who was said to be suffering from polycystic kidney disease. The doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital also planned to apply to the Guinness World Records for this record surgery.

The doctors said that the patient has since recovered and has been discharged from the hospital. He is undergoing dialysis and waiting for a renal transplant.

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