Dalits march in London protesting atrocities in India

 – M. L. Teji

Prior to the Aryan arrival, India was a very advance country. Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are two discovered ancient cities and are evidence to this statement.

Since arrival of the Aryans in India, the Adhi Vasis have been the target.  They have been divided into many different castes and different names have also been given. The Dalit name is one of them. The Adhi Vasis are still being targeted today.

In Uttra Pardesh and in reign of Yogi Adhitiya Nath the Dalits are very openly being tortured, abused and molested.  The UP police is totally ignoring their pleas for help.  Even in Delhi, the police performance is in question. There are similarities in these both forces.

They instead of assisting the victims are aiding the assailants. In Uttra Pradesh the police is following the orders laid by Chief Minister Yogi Adhitiya Nath and in Delhi they are following the orders of Home Minister Mr Amit Shah. Policing of Delhi falls under him.

The Police forces in India need to perform their duties as per the Indian Constitution and not just to please their overseers.   Protection of the civilians is Part of their duty.

To gain votes of the poor, dirty politics are always being played during the elections. New plans with long explanations are put forward to entice them. After success they are put aside and forgotten.

During a long speech by Mr Narendra Modi in Delhi, to get Votes of the Poor, he said that two crore houses for the poor have been built in India and two crore more will be built in this term. The poor living in the makeshift houses in Delhi will have brick houses with toilet, clean water plus electricity.

Surprisingly, suddenly this two crore number has come forward but so far not a single media has mentioned about it. The subject for the past five years has been the toilets and supplying of the gas cookers in the villages.

The gas cookers are just lying in the houses because they cannot afford gas. The toilets are being used as storage because they are not operational. Neither sewage systems nor water supply to the toilets has been accommodated.

The people in the villages for many years have been travelling daily to get water for their household use.

Unemployment is high in these areas. There is water shortage so how can they benefit from the commodity of the gas cookers and the toilets.

On the paper or in the speeches they draw a lot of attention but in reality they are worthless because the people have no gas or water to operate them. It is about time the Governments start doing justice for the poor and stop taking advantage of them.

To gain votes personal remarks have been addressed at each other by the MPS.  Even Mr Rahul Gandhi and Mr Narendra Modi have had a verbal contest. The public has been watching the dirty politics applied by the MPs to establish their supremacy in Delhi.

Voting today is not to establish equality and humanity in India but to establish the Hindu Rashtra. Not all the Hindus are behind this Hindu Rashtra movement. In Shaheen Bagh it is not only the Muslims who are opposing the CAA – NPR – NRC but also with them are the Hindus and many other communities.

The Hindu Rashtra is being promoted by only one Hindu sect. The other Hindus can see very clearly, what the BJP Government is aiming for. They detest Mother India run by the Brahmin and RSS organisations.  The film Mother India very clearly shows of what happens in the Brahmin dominance.

The SC/ST, Dalit and OBC MPs, who are supporting the BJP Government, should take notice that once the Hindu Rashtra has taken foothold that they will be pushed aside. The Brahmin and the RSS organisations will fully take over.  They are just there as a voting bank and nothing else.

The BJP MPs have accused Mr Kejariwal for supplying biriyani to the Shaheen Bhag protestors but a massive protest is also going on in Bombay. Is Mr Kejriwal also supplying them Biriyani. Such remarks were put across to damage Mr Kejariwal’s reputation but have failed because they had no effect.

Lately, a Minister is being shown on the TV that before going to the Mandir and in the presence of a small crowd, he tells the Dalit boys to wipe his shoes. It shows that the effect of the Manusmirity has already started to take place. The future for the Dalits under the Hindu dominance looks very bleak.

The CAA – NPR – NRC also applies to the Adhi Vasis. The BJP is trying everything that will demoralise and degrade the natives.  The Adhi Vasis have always been a sore thump for the Aryans and this is why they keep doing inhumane things to them.

The Lower Caste leaders and the religious Gurus need to wake up and act fast because their strangulation is waiting just around the corner. Demonstrations all around the globe should take place to bring awareness to the evilness brewing in India.

Mr Narendra Modi has named a Dalit in the Ram Mandir trust.  It is quite obvious that questions will be raised by the other fourteen members.  His presence may not please some because they are firm believers of the Manu-code.  They will object his presence.

The Dalits, even in the 20th century are not permitted to enter Hindu temples in Uttar Pradesh.  Ayodhiya is in Uttar Pardesh.

Will including of a Dalit in the Ram Mandir trust open doors for the Dalits to enter the Hindu Temples in UP and other states.

Why he has been chosen, the time will tell and it also depends on the other fourteen members whether they will agree to work with him.

Prianka Vadra has had the honour to join in the 643 Pargat Utsab Celebration of Satguru Ravi Dass Ji in Varanasi on the 9th February 2020.

Finally, May Satguru Ravi Dass Ji’s blessing be on all.

Jai Bharat