Why we need to rise up and speak against malfunctioning of administration in Bihar

  • Vidya Bhushan Rawat,

Bihar’s horror story of the children home is just a tip in the iceberg. Feudal societies never do any work for the uplift of the helpless people but want to make your political empire on them. It is beyond imaginable how beastly the thugs can turn and engage the entire spectrum of political leaders. One fact is clear that as a society, there is nothing called society in us. We are told to help the poor but they are not like us.

When everyone know which neta want what, when your things are done through making the ‘babus’ happy then one should assume what is the status of such places. The monitoring mechanism of all these institutions remains to make the babus, netas who come to monitor happy.

Everywhere these NGOs, funds for which funds are provided by the state apparatus have far less accountability than those who actually get funds from abroad who are actually made to pass through stringent rules and regulations. The reason is that domestic funds are in the hands of these Babus who can transfer to the money to the NGOs made by their own children, wives, daughter in laws. ‘ Working for the poor’, for the ‘orphans’, ‘kids’, widows’ have become favorite for these ‘do-gooders’ who only look these issues from two angles : One economic and other political. By Economic, I mean that they think that they dont need to challenge the system or institution. They are just told to do the duties and not ask any question. Poor children are so horrified that they cant say anything. I can say that this feudal caste patriarchy is very powerful in all our states and hence teachers or mentors dont merely scold, they physically beat up children. These institutions dont create girls who can go out in confidence but docile girls who should thank them if she get a man to marry.

They are not the institutions which think that these are circumstances when a child is born. When you grow up in the caste mind, you only think that you are superior and have great karmas in the previous life that is why getting these opportunities. Then you do better karmas again and will get better opportunities in next life. The lesser known, those hapless children did not have great karmas, they would suggest, hence they are in such a filthy state.

Political class will not say anything. As a society we will not say much. Some of the friends will say and do something. But things are happening at regular pace. And every day, the things are worst than the previous one. We have not heard single sentences from the champions of our culture. Hinduism is not endangered when their orphans are being brutally abused by the thugs and part of the executive. Nirbhaya happened in this country, Kathua, Unnao, Mandsaur and what not. There are hundreds of such stories inside the gas chambers of our villages. And there is no denial of factors that they are from the North to South, to West to East. They are ‘eternal’ because our state apparatus is brahmanical in nature because those who are sitting in our institutions, in our bodies are not dedicated to the constitution of India but to the laws of manusmriti which has given them impunity today.

Nitish Kumar remain a demagogue, a big farce. His swashashan was nothing but a brutal savarna raj who have learnt the art of trickery and drudgery. This is the time when such rigid but powerful forces are enjoying complete protection because of the growth the political class which has used these institutions to promote their hate agenda. When Kathua happened they made it Hindu-Muslim issue. They wanted to hang the rapists of Mandsaur as he happened to be a Muslim but they had no shame to campaign for the accused rapists of Unnao and Kathua. Where are these proud Hindus. The bhade ke tattoo in the TV channels are getting hyper on Pakistan but no time to discuss the issues which we face. Our girls are not safe. Will we as a society and a nation ever think of. For many who face assault we blame them wearing certain kind of clothes which are ‘revealing’. We blame them for going out in the ‘odd’ hours. We blame them not to drink at a bar with friends or not to speak to a boy or man and many more things. Will Nitish kumar suggest whether these poor girls aged between 7 to 14 were doing anything like this. They were in a government added shelter home where the Ministers and the mafias brutally raping them as part of their culture. We must hang our head in shame but it is also a routine. There is nothing called shame in us. Shameless societies who use every opportunity will only isolate those girls.

What will Nitish do ? He will set up an inquiry and a few of the Babus will get transferred. Will act against Thakur. It depend on the castes. These surnames are mischievous. So, if Thakur Saheb is a Bhumihar than political calculations are taken into consideration.

The societies whose sensibilities are influenced only on the basis of our identities will never be able to improve or do justice. Some of us will have extreme pain and agony on this but the manuwadi samaj get nothing. It will blame the ‘misfortune’ of the girls, their castes and their being orphans. Some will even suggest them bad. In any saner, civilised society, people would have made it difficult for such governments to function unless they do the remedial measures. Isnt it shocking that nothing has moved so far and leaders enjoying immunity. No arrest, no accountability.

It is not the question of chief minister resigning or not. It is the question of whether we are really able to fix up these things so that they are not repeated. Yes, Nitish Kumar must sack the minister and get that mafia arrested and prosecuted who was running the shelter. If the executive does not act, the court must intervene and do the needful.

Meanwhile, our solidarity with those who are protesting against this incident in Delhi and elsewhere but I must say, it is a long war. We may ask more questions with the government but in democracy government is made by the people and reflect our own social values. Our value system is collapsed. Let us accept it. Dont deny. Dont blame and take shelter in it. There were thousands protesting against Nirbhaya incident but we know a huge number of them were themselves not very supportive of women’s issues. I am sure, many of them would have been wife, sister and mother beater too.

It is time for the a big social change. Change does not happen from the government but from the people. Changes do not come from law which are merely a protection mechanism but changes come from society. Is society ready to learn. Have we developed healthy spirit to question the injustice and that all that the elders say cant be accepted. Loads of questions.

The rot is in society and our social values which is creating a hugely sexually frustrated society and in return it will continue to violate all laws and morality as long as it is hidden. Discuss and debate. A feudal society whose mindset is the dominance of caste patriarchy which justify poverty and oppression in the name of karma of the previous birth, can not really believe in Justice.

If there is no Justice. There cant be a Society as it will only have criminals dominating the value system. The oppressed and those who are violated will remain ostracised, pitied upon and nothing beyond. Will it change. Will these girls be normal. Will as a society be they accepted to all ?

This system need Change which respect individual choices, where rule of law is protected and you are not consider as an object to satisfy somebody’s lust. Merely Jindabad Murdabad does not bring that. We will have to go beyond that… far beyond.

Vidya Bhushan Rawa