– M. L. Teji

Mr Amit Shah and Mr Modi seem to make different statements about CAA – NPR – NRC.  Mr Amit Shah says that NRC is part of the procedure.  First CAA then NPR and NCR will finally conclude the procedure.

So it means that the CAA is the starter, NPR is the main course and NCR is the desert.  The three are part of the dish.  These three are inter-linked.

But Mr Modi says that there is no NRC.  People are confused to why different statements are coming from these two, who are so close and are the forefront leaders of the BJP party.  One says NCR is on the cards and the other says it is not.

The Media visited Shaheen Bagh and tried to find answers to their protest. The NCR kept coming up all the time in the conversations.  The people kept repeating their question that why the statements from Mr Shah and Mr Modi are contradicting each other.

Who can we trust?   In reply the media advised that Mr Modi is the Prime Minister and he should be trusted and not Mr Shah. In reply they said that Mr Shah is upfront and he is the one who wants CAA is to remain.   Mr Modi has just come on the scene to cause confusion by saying there is going to be no NRC.

The amendment to Citizen Act is worrying them therefore the mothers of all ages with their children are peacefully protesting to safeguard their future.  They fear that future for their children under the Hindu Raj seems very bleak.  The protest now is nearing to two months.

They feel that the Hindus want India for themselves.  Their ancestors have lived here for many generations so they have every right to be here.   They are born here.  They will live here and will die here because India is also their mother land.

Mother India is not just for the Hindus it is for all.  We should learn to live and let others live.  

In explanation to CAA the Government says that it entitles citizenship to the people who have come from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and are living in India.   What about the Adhi Vasis, the Sikhs, the Christians and the Muslims plus many more who have lived here for many generations.

It seems that they will have to supply evidence of their stay in India.   From where will they get papers to prove this?  Lies of some MPS have been covered through false documents, but the documents, although issued by the Government will not be accepted for the citizenship.  They will be under the mercy of the Government and If refused where will they go?

The protests all over India are happening even in the extremes of bad weather.  But the BJP Government is failing to give any consideration.  The reason for not bulging down to these protests is the Hindu Rashtra.  The CAA is the first step to it.

The Adhi Vasis are scattered all over India.  Nearly all the Lower Caste Communities are from the Adhi Vasi group.

The Brahamin Organisations in the past have introduced Caste System and it has put segregation within the Adhi Vasis.  For survival they have scattered all over India.

They should all be classed as one Adhi Vasi Unit and the Adhi Vasis living on the outskirts and in the Jungles are part of the Adhi Vasis living in the town dwellings.

The Lower Castes belong to the Adhi Vasi group.  They should be recorded as the ADHI VASIS and not by their caste name nor as the HINDUS.  India is their Mother land and they are true inhabitants of India.

What India is today is the result of many changes through seven thousand years.  Arrival of the Aryans in India has started Indian History.  The wars between the inhabitants and the Aryans are in the scriptures.

During King Ashoka’s reign in India, the Buddhist religion flourished.  Such a great warrior

turned a peace lover and his massage for peace in humanity went all around the world.

Then Muslim reign came and a vast number of the Hindus adopted the Muslim religion.  Many Muslim professionals very proudly declare that their ancestors were Hindus.

Mr Modi and Mr Shah should take note that in the veins of Muslim demonstrators’ Hindu blood is flowing.  The hatred that is developing towards the Muslim and other minority brotherhoods need to end.

Any person or any organisation that causes terror is classed as terrorist.  A terrorist was shouting abuse and brandishing a pistol at the demonstrators and the Delhi police just stood and watched as the spectators.

He was apprehended by the Police only after he has fired two shots at the demonstrators, injuring a teenage demonstrator but it could have been worse.

Then on the next day another terrorist had penetrated through the barriers and fired two shots in the air.  How did he manage to pass through the security barriers of the Police.  Questions are again being raised on the Delhi Police.  His words that only the Hindus will rule in India, cannot be taken lightly.  They do cause a lot of concern.

It shows that some Hindus are holding a lot of hatred towards the other citizens of India.