Who I May Be after Lockdown caused by Coronavirus

Professor M.M.Goel

– Professor M.M.Goel


Being a spiritually inclined economist living in holy land of Kurukshetra, I have made honest efforts to understand self as soul with physical body as its temple during lockdown when denied access to visit places of worship. Meaning thereby, there is no need to go to such places in post covid era and waste time and energies. It is better to stay at home for spiritual journey of life.

I have understood myself individually in totality with self-discovery for improving my spiritual quotient (SQ), emotional quotient (EQ), diplomatic quotient (DQ) and intelligence quotient (IQ) with shaved head which has increased my memory and sound sleep. I have learnt to listen more than speaking which is a passion for me as an orator.

To become better version of the self, I have strived hard to enjoy solitude without complaining loneliness, fasting on every Ekadashi and above all digital fasting with silence which is necessary and sufficient for every Indian to practise in post covid era for excelling in the world.

I have learnt and practised ‘Needonomics’ (economics of needs) as an economist as well as consumer which is worth replicating as a strategy for the revival of the Indian economy.

I have tried to become street smart (understanding the lockdown environment) more than using the smart phone which is the need of the day for every Indian to survive, exist and excel in the post covid era..

My take on SMART (simple, moral, action oriented, responsive and transparent) and SIMPLE (SQ, intuition, mental level, physical, love oneself as soul and EQ development) models of human development deserve to be understood, analysed, interpreted and adopted for empowerment and enlightenment of Indians including youth for effective role in the economy with desirable qualities in a human being to be human capital.

After resigning as Vice Chancellor, I have become nothing with self-discovery with all the benefits of leaving ego, pride and manipulations of all kinds under panic and fear of the authorities to suspend or terminate my services. Let me confess, I have removed all kinds of fears, the day I started believing that I am a soul with zero death rate and as a physical body I have to die as death rate is 100 percent for all of us who taken birth.

To overcome challenges and resolve the series of problems in daily life, I have understood the reality to live at home with complete physically distancing with my wife who is otherwise affectionate and takes care of my food requirements and no for most of the things.

Honestly speaking, as a teacher of economics, I have keenly observed the behaviour of  the consumers, producers, distributors and traders around me which constitute my society.

I have learnt beyond plastic smile (comparing oneself with another in jealousy, hatred and actually boiling within) without fear (false evidences appearing real).

I have peeled off the several layers of false notions, ideas, assumptions, labels, titles, status, concepts and images of self-ego.

I have understood to undertake self-journey which I do daily by remaining with me and myself during the entire day as quarantine at home during lock down. I get up at 3 AM and work without worries (www) without disturbances of any kind by my wife who maintain physical distancing , wi.fi connectivity of internet and electricity is in place.

The self-journey is very easy for any individual who employ will, effort and determination. I understand that the journey with the self cannot be isolated from destination.

The journey of the self during lockdown is fun, thrilling, exciting and mysterious than the movie, one act play and the story book filled with drama, action, romance and crime.

I have identified dark corners while undertaking journey of the self-discovery.

I have started saying no to many thing I don’t need, envy, desire, ambition, anger, brutality, jealousy, hurt, arrogance, undue anxiety, worry and sorrow.

I have made honest efforts for removing the obstacles in draining out the negativities of all kinds. I am fresh and spontaneous for care, affection, responsibility, sensitivity, love and compassion based on spiritual mathematics 1 (soul) + 1 (GOD) = 1 which I have learnt from my guru Gita- the heart of Krishan and guides me for everything.

I believe one in all and all in one philosophy of the science of soul called spirituality which is our Dharma ( more than  religions dividing us) to unite with god with full sense of responsibility as a soul.

I have become eveready cell for everything in life because life is too short.  I have learnt to smile for solving the problem and remain silent for avoiding the problems as the mantra during lockdown. I understand ‘Chakravyuha Challenges’ and ‘Cobra Effect’ of the debt trap with full sense of responsibility.

T boost the immune system, I have unmasked my dual behaviour internally (within weeping for sorry state of affairs) and externally with plastic smile, of course wearing the mandatory mask while going out to buy fruits and vegetables which I enjoy choosing daily. I understand the swan strategy to pick up milk and leave the water from the pot.

As needonomist, I recommend the use of ‘needonomics’ as a strategy to revive the economy in post covid era with Atamnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan (ABA) . This is the practical solution for getting rid of all the socio-economic problems around us in the neighbourhood, city, district, state and the great nation as Bharat called India in English as independent nation declared in August.

I may be available to the authorities including the Prime Minister to utilise my experience and expertise in post covid era as an empowered, enlightened and street smart Indian needonomist.

*  The writer is Former Vice Chancellor and known as ‘Needonomist’ (economist for needs) among the fraternity of economists  in India