What has NEVER been taught in schools about INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY

What the Indian authorities don’t want you or your children to know about the INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY”

India is looking forward to the day that they observe to be the “Independence day”. Before commemorating, Indians need to be aware of the facts pertaining to 15thAugust 1947. Questions like, whether 15th August is undeniably the Independence Day or not, must be asked. If not, which day is the actual Independence Day, the day when all the Indians tasted the real fruit of independence? Which personality assured real freedom including social, political, economic and religious freedoms for the benefit of ALL Indians equally, should be known.

To get factually correct, accurate answers to the above questions, we need to revisit Indian (formerly Hindu) history to a period when the historically dominant classes were continuously, vigorously and undauntedly opposing, fighting against the British (Why-did-B-R-Ambedkar-support-the-British-and-oppose-the-Quit-India-movement) and  ruffle the pages of Indian Independence Act 1947.

The Indian Independence Act 1947 states that 15th August 1947 shall be called THE APPOINTED DAY (NOT Independence Day).


 Photos showing extracts of chapter 30 of the Indian Independence Act 1947

Chapter 30 of the Indian Independence Act 1947, clearly states that both, the Governor-General of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru were CHOSEN, not elected.

It was Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar who saved India from the greatest imaginable tragedy by NOT participating in the struggle for freedom JUST FOR THE HISTORICALLY DOMINANT AND PRIVILEGED CLASSES. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the most qualified person to draft the constitution, was finally chosen as the ideal person to be the chairman of the constitution drafting committee.

What Dr. B. R. Ambedkar said in his constitution speech:

On 25th Nov 1949 in his last parliamentary speech as the chairman of the drafting committee, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar said, “On the 26th Jan 1950 India *WILL BE* an independent country.”

NOTE: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar would NOT have made the above statement in 1949 referring to a future date (26th Jan 1950) if India had already gained independence on 15th of August 1947. 

Further ahead in the same speech, he again points to the future FOR THE SECOND TIME and says: “On the 26th Jan 1950, India *would be* a democratic country…”

This means that before 1950 India WAS NOT an Independent democratic country. BEFORE 1950 INDIA WAS COMMONLY REFERRED TO AS HINDUSTAN.

26th January is the actual Indian Independence Day (five reasons):

1) The chief architect of the Indian constitution, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar specifically said so in his last official parliamentary speech as the chairman of the drafting committee.

2) It was on 26th January 1950, INDIA that is Bharat, was officially announced as an independent republic and Hindustan was ABOLISHED.

3) If the CURRENT constitution didn’t come into fruition:

NO Hindu, except those from the highest Varna of the Hindu order, would have tasted complete freedom


NO SO-CALLED UNTOUCHABLE WOULD HAVE TASTED *ANY* FREEDOM. These being freedoms that the uninformed Indian takes for granted.

4) You most probably would never have heard of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar & his legacy had he not been the chairman of the drafting committee. It would have then been that much easier to wipe his name off ALL history books.

5) 26th January 1950 was the day when INDIANS officially gained freedom from all rulers, not just from the British but also from the Hindu Priestly castes.

On 15th August 1947, the comparatively little freedom that the historically deprived “castes” and women had gained, thanks to the British, was now at the mercy of the historically dominant (and therefore privileged), classes. For 29 months, from the 15th Aug 1947 TO 26th Jan 1950, the historically privileged classes were the happiest people on earth. THEY became free from British rule. Power was TRANSFERRED from the British to the Brahmin-Bania Alliance.

So then, instead of the British, the historically dominant classes again became the rulers (through TRANSFERRING of POWER). Their happiness dwindled on 26th November 1949, when it was decided that the new Constitution, under the watchful eye of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, would be officially implemented on and from the 26th January 1950. This day (26th November) is now acknowledged and celebrated as CONSTITUTION DAY, making Dr. B. R. Ambedkar the father of Indian freedom, for he was the ONLY one who secured those freedoms for EVERY citizen (via the Constitution).


Photo from the Columbia University website show Dr B. R. Ambedkar to be the “Founding Father Of Modern India”. This title was conferred upon Dr Ambedkar by the prestigious Columbia University itself.

As soon as the dominant classes realized that the Indian Constitution would be based on principles favouring humanity, they were the FIRST ones to oppose it. Could it be because they wanted a constitution based on inhumane laws scribed in the Manusmriti and other religious texts?

(BBC HINDI Video: Exposes the secrets in the Manusmriti, an archaic book of draconian anti-humanity laws) https://youtu.be/5z0TVE2FGyU

If it wasn’t for the constitution, we probably would NEVER have heard of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar & his mission and most likely would have had to just wait until a foreigner re-discovered him. We would have gone back to the dark ages when the laws of Manu were the only laws. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar wanted EVERY single Indian to be equally free.

In his struggle for freedom, Dr. Ambedkar earned a special place in the hearts of the poor and the deprived, the downtrodden victims of grave atrocities, the oppressed and the suppressed, the mentally crushed and broken, the women and widows, the workers, the orphans, and the disabled.

Had Dr. B. R. Ambedkar not been successful in securing those rights for the common person, it can be said that India would not have been a “free” country (at least ‘not free’ for the untouchables). There simply would have been a PERMANENT TRANSFER OF POWER from the British to the most ardent dictators, the Manuvadis, on 15th August 1947. Hence, it was not until 26th January 1950, when the Constitution of India came into force, that India truly became an independent democratic country free from both (the British and the Brahmin-Bania alliance).

On the APPOINTED DAY (15TH AUG 1947) British were replaced with the Brahmin-Bania. On 26th January 1950 India gained complete freedom, OFFICIALLY freeing itself from the “new” dictators too. Therefore the Indian Independence Day is 26th January 1950.

15th August 1947 is commonly assumed and vehemently but wrongly promoted as Independence Day by successive governments dominated by the so-called upper castes. This must change and truth exposed.

(Excerpts taken from the Quora profile of Shekhar-Bodhakar)

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I thank Shekhar Bodhakar for providing me with information for writing this article.

Syra Sharma


(Shekhar Bodhakar is a London based Ambedkarite thinker and anti-caste activist. He is the composer of Buddha Taal (https://youtu.be/zDo9Mxgo4WYand has also worked as Head of Mathematics department in a London college in the past).