Webinar on ‘Role of Forensic Science in Crime investigation’ at Starex University,Gurugram

Gurugram, (Asian independent) – “Haryana is the first state in India to use barcode for marking of samples for forensic Science lab,” opined by   Dr. Hanif Qureshi, Inspector General of Police, Police Training College, Gurugram, Haryana, while addressing the participants of a Webinar on ‘Role of Forensic Science in Crime investigation’, organized by School of Life Sciences, Starex University.While delivering the welcome address Vice-Chancellor Starex University Professor M.M. Goel said that “There is a strong case for learning investigating skills with spiritual input in relationship management among police and public along with the use of Forensic Science embracing a set of intensely practical disciplines to which the paradigm of pure scientific enquiry cannot readily be applied.”

We need forensic science to establish the guilt and innocence of possible suspect for reducing the crime rate, said Dr. Qureshi.

To combat white-collar crimes, we need a mass movement of public awareness through the media and legal literacy programmes for changing looks, actions and words (LAW) to make it the law of the land for the civic society said the Vice-Chancellor.

To achieve efficiency in reducing if not eliminating white collar crimes, we certainly need good governance which means street SMART (SIMPLE, Moral, Action oriented Responsive and Transparent) administration at all levels in India, said Professor Goel.

Earlier Dr. Komal Yadav introduced the speakers of the day. Dean School of Life Sciences, Dr. Shalini Jauhari, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Mr. Sandeep, Ms. Shilpa Sharma and Mr. Akash Sahu organized the webinar.

Dr. S.L. Vasishta, Registrar, extended the vote of thanks.