We require moral teachings of altruism with warm-heartedness as a rational lifestyle based on needonomics: Prof .M. M. Goel.

Professor M.M .Goel

Kurukshetra, (Asian independent) “We require moral teachings of altruism with warm-heartedness as a rational life style based on the principle of needonomics,” said Professor M. M. Goel, former Vice Chancellor and Needonomist living in Kurukshetra. He was addressing the participants of IEA webinar on the topic ‘Needonomics for Revival of Indian Economy in Post Pandemic Era’ organised by Indian Economic Association here today. Professor Dinesh Kumar, Secretary IEA welcomed and introduced Prof. Goel.

To be simply good consumers, producers, distributors and traders in post pandemic era, we have to adopt the principle  of  needonomics based on spiritually guided materialism strategy flowing from sloka no 22 of chapter 9 of Gita used in the logo of LIC of India ‘Yogakshemam Vahamyaham’(Your welfare is our responsibility), believes Professor Goel.

We need spiritual wisdom for reducing the generation gaps of various kinds with new values to emerge in post pandemic era, said Professor Goel.

Altruism, basic needs and commitment for the society are the implications of needonomics required for saying no to most of the socio-economic problems caused by greedonomics (economics of greed) including ‘cobra effect’ of debt, corruption, terrorism, exploitation and discrimination, told Professor Goel.

Economy can be made consumer friendly by adopting NAW (Need, Affordability and Worth) approach of international marketing with focus on the need based priorities in choices of all kinds, explained Professor Goel.

To stop the ruin of the economy and Indians, needonomics is necessary and sufficient and can ensure permanent membership of the Security Council of the United Nations for India without asking for, believes needonomist Goel.