Was 20-20 so far, test match will start now, warns dropped Raj Minister

Congress MLA Vishvendra Singh

Jaipur, (Asian independent) Congress MLA Vishvendra Singh, who was on Tuesday dropped from the Rajasthan cabinet for standing along with former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot, warned Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot that the real game will start now.

“It was 20-20 today, from tomorrow, the test match shall start, now wait and see what happens next…. I thank you all from my side. Ram Ram sa,” he said in a tweet in Hindi.

Retweeting it, he tagged Gehlot and sought to draw his attention with a finger pointing downward to his ‘test match’ tweet.

Expressing his reaction to him being stripped of his ministerial post, he tweeted: “I just love the way how from being called ‘Mantri’ to ‘MLA’ was a day’s work! Actually that gives me more room on the drawing board! A fresh canvas !”

Also in a video posted on his Twitter handle, he questioned Gehlot’s act of removing him along with Pilot and Ramesh Meena from the government, asking what mistake did they commit.

“We never gave any statement against the Congress. We were simply trying to draw the attention of the party, the high command towards the manifesto which we drafted for the assembly elections and promised to implement those policies after we win the election.

“We were simply trying to bring the government’s attention towards issues of the state such as power, water supply and loan waivers,” he said adding that he wants to know what will be the CM’s answer to the people who have elected us as their representatives.