War of words between Omar, Ram Madhav on J&K developments

Srinagar,   A bitter war of words started on Thursday between former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav after the former alleged that the PDP-BJP split was a “Bollywood-inspired fixed match”.

In a tweet, Abdullah claimed that the recent split between the PDP-BJP alliance was a “Bollywood inspired fixed match” and alleged that the assembly was not being dissolved to start horse-trading.

“The PDP and BJP have been watching Bollywood movies for political strategy. This is how they have crafted their ‘divorce’. Brilliant fixed match, scripted to perfection except the audience aren’t fools and neither are the rest of us,” he said.

Responding to the allegations, Madhav told reporters: “Why is he (Abdullah) so scared? I’m sure his party men are loyal to him. There is no question of horse trading from our side. We have seen what kind of horse trading happened in the state under his party, nobody should forget history.”

Abdullah however continued to take potshots, saying: “I have no doubt about my MLAs but we all know what happened in the PDP after (Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed) Mufti Sb died and the sort of pressure that was applied to Mehbooba Mufti.”

Questioning BJP’s intentions, he said: “Then why not dissolve the assembly? If @rammadhavbjp is true to his word that there is no question of horse trading and clearly no new alliances are being formed then the assembly should be dissolved. Keeping it suspended has encouraged dalals.”

Rumours are rife in the state that a group of PDP MLAs were waiting in wings to join the Congress and that others had called on Abdullah to defect from the party.

However, he rubbished these rumours, saying none of the PDP MLAs called on him.

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