Visit Deekshabhumi to feel the revolution brought by Baba Saheb Ambedkar

– Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Nagpur is the head quarter of Sangh Parivar. On Dusshara day when entire Nagpur is Buddhaymay, the brahmanical channels throng at this head quarter of the Sangh Parivar to oblige, an unelected patron to listen to his ‘important speech’. If you go to Nagpur during the Dushhara period, you will find, millions of visitors who throng at Deeksha Bhumi but that news will never be covered by the corrupt, docile and spineless brahmanical media. These people who come to Deekshabhumi to pay their respect to Baba Saheb and celebrate the Dhammachakra Pravartan Diwas which mark the celebration of remembering the day when Baba Saheb Ambedkar brought millions of the Dalits to follow the path of Buddha, which he called Navyana, new way of life. It was neither following any Dalai Lama nor any other traditional buddhist methods but an entirely new tradition, which can be hailed as liberation Buddhism for those victims of India’s hidden apartheid which the sangh Parivar could never attack or condemn.

Just around 5 kilometer away, the Sangh Swayamsevaks gather with their traditional attire, at the ground to listen to their Sar Sanghchalak. Their ‘worship’ arm which was the aim of the Sangh to militirise Hindus so they have started training youngsters into arm training. This is nothing but to create new militias like Ranvir Sena, Sunlight Sena and other senas which kill people in the names of castes. Perhaps, Sangh Parivar can not do anything in the name of castes.. what can a tiny maharashtrian brahmins who dominate the discourse of the Parivar, do in the name of castes. They cant make fool of the Bahujan Samaj. So, their entire focus is on ‘religion’. It is easier to mobilise people in the name of religion so that all the Dalit Bahujans too get swept away in the narrative with friendly media ready to lie on behalf of their master.

So this year speech by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat actually blame the ‘western’ to defame India. ‘Lynching’ is not an Indian concept, he said. It is western. I have not heard people being lynched in any Western cities like what happened in India in the past six years. May be Mohan Bhagwat can give this task to his ‘overseas’ branches as how is lynching a ‘western’ concept. May be we will have to find an ‘indigenous’ name for it. We can call it : ‘bheed ke dwara Barbartapoorn aur kayartapurn hatyaye’. These are purely Indian or Hindi terms. All those who have been brutally and cowardly killed by the crowd are basically lynching. Let us forget lynching. I am sure, some people will ‘discover’ a word for it. Like, the western world does not understand caste and caste discrimination as they dont have it. It is purely Indian and brahmanical in nature.

It is interesting that Nagpur’s Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh which was nothing but purely brahmanical in nature is today the ‘guide’ of the current government. It talks about Hindus but never ever fought against caste discrimination or gender discrimination. The Shishu mandir’s that it opened actually only glorified everything that India is but never felt it necessary to educate students to demolish the caste boundaries and that caste discrimination is the biggest block in India becoming a big nation. You can not become big by concealed hatred in your heart.

The media should have thronged to Deekshabhumi and then just make a comparison. Nobody bring these millions of people to Deekhsabhumi. It is just one thing which is their liberation. Baba Saheb gave a clarion call to all those who were victimised by the Hindu caste order, which RSS so much glorify, that he led India’s biggest social revolution in Nagpur in 1956. Millions of people have now found their solace, their liberation in the path shown by Baba Saheb Ambedkar. Today, Ambedkarite dont need to the brahmanical narrative. They have woken up. They can develop their own so the Bania media which is campaigning for the Sangh Parivar can do so by keeping their own jaati-waalas in darkness and deep superstition which they ‘sweetly’ term as ‘culture’. If the dirty superstitions, which kills the women, consider the dalits as inferior, ask people not to go to the doctors, are culture then I dont have to say anything except that those who promote these kinds of ideas must lead it from their own selves. Unlike the fraud Ramdev who promote his own ‘medicines’ for diabetes and other diseases, launched a campaign against modern science and medicine, should not go to All India Institute of Medical Sciences or any other modern hospital for his treatment. They should also not use big cars and helicopters and search for a ‘bailgadi’ which was discovered in India.

Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s non violent revolution has overshadowed the brahmanical festivities at least in Nagpur. It has to be felt once you are there. Go Deekshabhumi and feel it. crooked media can enjoy the ‘pravachans’ of its masters but masses celebrate the Dhammchakra Pravaratan Diwas. Greetings to all the friends on this historic day.