– M. L. Teji

When the BJP Government was re-elected to serve second term in the Parliament.  On success Mr Modi told all that during the last five years he has learnt a lot about how the Parliament operates but during this term he is going to put his idea to work.

He has started to put his ideas in motion but through them a lot of unrest is present all around India.  There are protests going on all over in India because they see that enforcing of the Hindu dominance is his priority.

The Hindu Rashtra is gaining momentum and the followers very boldly are declaring that only the Hindus will rule in India.  The MPs by using Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Jai Siri Ram are fueling the BJP followers who then are terrorising the public.

Even in the peaceful protests, they are drawing pistols and shooting at the demonstrators or firing in the air to show that they rule India.  By doing this they are terrorising the public so it would not be wrong to class them as terrorists.

Phrases like DESH KE GADHARON KO, GOLI MARO ….. and MUSLEMANO KO BIRYANI KHILLAO from the mouths of the MPs do not sound right because they must not forget that they are in the Parliament because of their votes.

They did not become MPs only through the Hindu votes.  They are in that position because the Muslims, the Sikhs, the Christians, the Adhi Vasis and the other communities have voted for them.

To get Muslim votes, the BJP passed the TEEN TALAAK LAW but now the Muslim women with their Children are protesting against CAA. NPR and NRC, but the BJP Government is failing to respond in any manner.

Any Government that differentiates with it’s subjects according to their culture, colour or belief cannot deliver fair judgement.  In America and United Kingdom there was racial discrimination against the colored people but they have overcome it and people from different backgrounds have lead, are leading and will lead the Governments. President Obama is the living example.

In England quite a few MPs are from foreign backgrounds.  They are given the position as to the ability and the qualifications they have.  About fifty years ago no one ever thought that the Home Minister and the Mayor of London would be of foreign origin.

In England opportunities for all are same but in India they are caste and religion based.  Caste system has been taboo for many, many centuries and still is.  It seems this caste bound hatred is never going to give way to equality in India.

Dr Ambedkar drafted the Indian Constitution in a manner to bring an end to the hatred that has been present since many thousand years.  From the present developments, it seems that equality is never going to prevail in India.

The Indian Constitution has led India to become a recognised force in the world.  It has done justice for all regardless of caste, culture belief or gender.  Should Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar had failed to draft the Indian Constitution then India would have never progressed to where it is today.

What Dr Ambedkar has done for Mother India, it was beyond everyone else’s reach.  He deserves the title of Bharat Mata’s son.  He had the wisdom the others lacked.  Because of his wisdom he outshone all the rest and was voted the PERSONALITY OF THE 19 TH CENTURY.

It would be highly appreciated worldwide if the BJP Government would consider honoring Dr Ambwdkar BHARAT MATA’S SON award.  Now he is becoming a household name all around the world.  He deserves the credit he is entitled to.  Almighty only blessed him, the wisdom to draft the Constitution. Why was nobody blessed?  He was handpicked by the GOD so he deserves the title of BHARAT MATA’S SON.

Only due to his Constitution, India has progressed to where it is today.

Jai Bharat. (Jai Bheem)