Mitej Teji

(Asian Independent)

Guru Ravi Dass Ji’s 644th Pargat Utsab was celebrated worldwide on the 27th February 2021. The restrictions laid for Corona Virus were followed.

On the borders of Delhi it was also celebrated. The Nihang Singh who are present there have put a lot of effort in its preparation and have presented it in such a manner that it will always be remembered in the coming years. Their massage on the day was to Unite and follow Guru Ravi Dass Ji’s teachings.

A float was marvellously decorated for this special occasion. The tractors and the horses those took part in the Nagar Kirtan were also decorated and people in thousands joined the procession.

The Nihang Singh entertained all with their sword skills. A child aged about five was the main attraction because he was fighting with the senior fighters. The horses marched in a very obedient manner. It was a very well organised procession.

On the Singu Border stage, the speakers highly praised Guru Ravi Dass Ji for confronting the Manu’s ideology that spread hate and classified humans. Manu via Brahma invented four varnas. From his head came Brahmins, from his arms Kshatriyas, from his stomach came Vaishas and from his thighs came Shudras.

It has been over three months since the farmers have camped on the borders of Delhi to have three farm laws repealed. The Government keeps insisting that they are for their benefit but the farmers see them as threat to their livelihood.

The protest against these three farm law started in Punjab but it failed to draw any attention of the Central Government, so it was directed to Delhi. It reached the border of Delhi on the 26th November 2020. Ever since it has been ongoing and has drawn worldwide attention.

In millions, are also joining the protest because they are going to be effected by these laws. The farmers are life line for a lot of labourers and small businesses. These are the people who are also standing with the farmers.

The whole country is uniting to have these three farm laws repealed but the Government keeps insisting that they are there for their benefit.

It may benefit some but majority will face dire consequences. The Hindus, Muslims, Sikh, Christians, Buddhists and the Adhi Vasis are now also standing with the farmers.

The people are quite aware that Manusmriti is lurking around so they are uniting to keep it at bay. They hold faith and trust in the Constitution and will endeavour hard to sustain it because it promotes equality and gives protection to the vulnerable. It does not valuate people on their caste, religion or creed but on their incapacities. It gives opportunities to all.

The Dalits have now also come forward in support of the farmers because they believe that these farm laws are in favour of the Corporations and not the farmers. They also feel that sustaining of the Constitution is now a necessity. The future of the Dalits, Muslims, Sikh, Christians, Hindus and women depends on it.

If the corporations take control then a lot of people will be unemployed because they will induce automation to cut costs. Whatever the Kisaans and the Dalits have gained through hard struggles will diminish under the corporations and millions depending on the farmers will suffer.

The women may lose their freedom if Manusmriti takes over because it testifies that the woman’s duty is to do house work and to serve her husband. What will happen to the women professionals if it takes over?

To safeguard ourselves, we will have to break all the caste barriers and learn to respect and tolerate each others religion. Only then we will be able to unite and confront the surge of the upcoming Hindutva movement.

Nodeep Kaur is an upcoming activist. She comes from a poor family but her parents have taught her and all their children that being poor does not stop you from fighting for your rights and of others. The purpose of life is to help those who cannot help themselves.

Bearing that in mind, she always comes upfront to help those in need. Unfortunately, sometimes it can backfire and result in Jail. This has recently happened to her when she was representing herself and her co-workers for unpaid wages held by their employer.

The employer called the Police and they used lathy sticks on them and fired gunshots. Only Nodeep Kaur was arrested but because of the Sikh Kisaan brotherhood she is out on bail.
She supports farmers because her family does labouring jobs on the farms.

A lot of people who work on the farms are also here in Delhi in support of the farmers because their livelihood depends on them.

Nodeep Kaur is from a Majabi Sikh family and her mother’s idol is Mai Bhago. Mai Bhago is highly honoured in the Sikh scriptures for her bravery and she came from a very poor family. Her mother firmly believes that Nodeep is following in footsteps of Mai Bhago.

Guru Ravi Dass Ji and Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar have also come from poor families but they both have sacrificed their lives to improve lives of others.

Finally, these three farm laws have cautioned all to think about their livelihood and have urged all to break the barriers of hatred those have kept people apart since many centuries.

It is dawn of a new era for India. No one is superior to rest by birth. It is a false assumption. All Gods are same. There is no comparison in Gods. Nobody has seen God.
God is Almighty and is saviour of all. Colour, caste or creed is not God’s creation but mankind’s own invention.

Guru Ravi Dass Ji’s massage to all is to learn to live and let others live. Only then we can build Begampur Guru Ravi Dass Ji has asked for.

Jai Bharat.

– Mitej Teji