Ukraine – A Country of Opportunities : Interaction with Mayor of Zhytomyr

(Rahul Bali, Senior Correspondent, the Asian Independent, New Delhi)

Mr. Serhii Sukhomlyn, the mayor of Zhytomyr, Ukraine held a formal meeting with the Indian industrialists from various commercial fields at Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra, New Delhi. During his presentation, the mayor apprised the Indian industrialists of huge potential and opportunities of investment and business in the sectors such as chemical, nuclear power engineering, aircraft engineering, mining, agro, coal, renewable energy, metallurgical and the rocket and space industry. Ukraine is a European country with rich mineral resources. Ukraine produces and exports large volumes of agricultural products and food. January 1, 2016 of the Agreement on Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area between Ukraine and the European Union Ukraine has received more liberal access conditions to the EU market with a population of over half a billion and a GDP of about 19 billion USD. Ukraine is at the crossroads of trade routes to Europe –Central Asia –Middle East –Caucasus. This makes it an ideal location for transit traffic within the framework of international transport corridors.

Ukraine –India trade relations are quite healthy and strategic.  The major import commodity items of India to Ukraine: pharmaceutical products; organic chemicals; plastics and polymers; ferrous metals and articles thereof; tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes. The major export commodity items of Ukraine to India: fats and oils of vegetable origin; agricultural products; ferrous metallurgy; nuclear reactors, boilers, and machinery; fertilizers; inorganic chemistry.

A direct flight between Ukraine and New Delhi has been started to facilitate the flow of passengers between the two countries.

Mr. Ivan S. Konovalov, Head of Trade & Economic Department, First Secretary, Embassy of Ukraine, Mr. Manish Kumar, Deputy Director-International, Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) also participated.  Mr. Deepak Loomba, a technopreneur moderated the session.