UK PM’s father caught shopping without wearing mask

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

London, (Asian independent) UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s father was caught shopping without a mask, after the incumbent government doubled fines for not donning one in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was reported on Thursday.

Stanley Johnson was photographed on Tuesday at a newspaper shop, without a face covering, the Metro newspaper reported.

Face coverings were made compulsory in shops and public transport since July 24. Last week fines for first time offenders who fail to wear a face covering increased to 200 pounds as part of a series of curbs imposed in order to prevent a second lockdown.

Following the revelation, Stanley Johnson told the Mirror newspaper thathe may not be “100 per cent up to speed” with current rules as he had just returned to England after three weeks abroad.

“I’m extremely sorry for the slip up and I would urge absolutely everybody to do everything they can to make sure they do follow the rules about masks and social distancing

“The fact this was my first day back in the UK after three weeks abroad is, I am sure, no excuse for not knowing the rules,” he was quoted as saying.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister again urged the public to follow the incumbent guidelines and reiterated warnings that tougher restrictions could be introduced if current measures did not help curb the spread of the virus.

The Metro newspaper report said that this wasn’t the first time the Prime Minister’s father has made headlines.

In July he defended his decision to travel to Greece in an apparent breach of Foreign Office guidance to avoid non-essential travel.

In April, he admitted breaking lockdown rules when he went out to buy a newspaper after his grandchild was born.

He had hinted in March that he would ignore the government’s advice and visit a pub.

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