M.L. Teji

(Asian Independent)


A Valmikian family living in Hathras in Uttar Pradesh has lost their beloved daughter aged nineteen years. Her death has resulted through the injuries she sustained during her rape. Following her death, the hospital has issued forensic report to the authorities but nothing has been mentioned about her rape.

The Bharat republic and the Aaj Tak channels are desperately competing against each other to be No 1 and remain as No 1 station in India. This ongoing competition between them, has given the Hathras case an opportunity of it being covered.
Actually it was ABP News that was the first one to meet this family followed by the others.

It would not be wrong to say that for rape India is now considered as No 1 in the world. All over India the rapes in colossal numbers are taking place. Even senior citizens and children aged four are being preyed upon. If the increase in rapes in not stropped then India is bound to become the Rape land of this century.

The police, the MPs, the religious saints are all at it. Seeing them get away with it is encouraging every Dick and Harry to follow their trail. The celebrities are also at it and are using drugs for the purpose. The serene atmosphere India famous for is disappearing and inhumane ideas are prevailing fast and rape is one of them.

Mostly the rich are the biggest culprits because they can easily buy their way out. Money speaks in India and rich can do whatever they like and get away with it because the police in India is corrupt.

The deceased, prior to her death has said ~that she was gang-raped~ but the UP authorities are denying it because it is not mentioned in the forensic report. She has made this statement in answer to the question asked by a TV presenter and the recording is available.

How come the hospital has failed to do semen test when she arrived? Tracing of semen after five days is virtually impossible. The post-mortem was done eight days after her admittance. The UP authorities are using this excuse to dislodge gang-rape in order to protect the accused who belong to the upper caste community.

It has indeed shocked the world to see how she was cremated. She was from the Valmikian Community. Because of her origin both the Police and the Authorities have been disrespectful to her family in the manner they have cremated her. They just piled wood, poured petrol on it, lit it and left it to burn.

If she had been from the Swaran Jaati meaning upper caste then her cremation would not have happened in this manner because it would have upset the deities. This thought of upper caste being superior to all other beings is totally a false assumption.

We must not forget that Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar was a Dalit who was voted the celebrity of the past century. A vast number of names from the upper caste communities were on the list so It proves that the Dalits who are being down looked upon are very intelligent people.

As a matter of fact, prior to Aryan arrival in India the Dalits belonged to a very advanced nation and Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are evidence of their advancement.

The problem between the native Adhivasis and the Aryans has been ongoing since their arrival in Bharat Varsh presently known as India. Spreading of hate against the natives has been their main agenda and still today is.

Manusmriti contains of ways and methods to how to degrade the natives. Sexual abuse today known as rape has originated from Manusmriti. Sexual harassment has been the main tool of the Aryans to demoralise the natives. Even today this practise is ongoing.

The rape of this Valmikian girl in Hathras in Uttar Pradesh does bring back memories of Phulan Devi. She objected to advances of two thakurs. To teach her a lesson the village panchait passed the judgement for her be raped by all men in the village.
The all lined for their turn. It shows how low the upper caste can go to. Even the animals do not line up for the purpose but the mankind does.

The way she was treated, compelled her to seek revenge. She became a gangster and came back and shot all who raped her. Her courage to revenge for mistreatment she received was admired worldwide. A film Bandit Queen was made.
In Hathras, the village Panchaits are being held to save the accused. The victim’s family is extremely worried. The Police is keeping guard and cameras have been fitted to their residence. The state Government has done this to safe guard this family whilst the inquiries are being made.

Due to TV coverage, a lot of interest worldwide has been raised to this incident. In India following this happening a lot of demonstrations are taking place. It is feared by millions that if Manusimirity takes over then rape will become a norm because it is a tool used by the higher castes since ancient times.

Via our Indian Constitution we have some control over rape and people are receiving justice. Manusimirity is going to open the doors for the rapists because law and order will be under control of the religious gurus.

Bhagwan Valmiki’s Pargat Divas date is 31st October 2020. May blessings be on all.

M. Teji