Trade Union Facility Time Publication Service: 2017-2018 Data published

Today the Cabinet Office published all public sector facility time data submitted by organisations using the facility time reporting service.

Today the Cabinet Office published allĀ public sector facility time datasubmitted by organisations using theĀ facility time reporting service.

Under the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 all public sector organisations that employ over 49 full time employees are required to publish certain data relating to facility time usage within their annual reports, on their organisation website and also through the Cabinet Office reporting service, by the 31st July.

Over 55% of the total expected returns for most sectors were received, including the NHS and Local Authorities. However there are still many public sector bodies who have provided no data and are still required to do so. The Cabinet Office will be following up these late returns to ensure there is a full dataset in due course.

The Facility Time regulations are intended to ensure transparency of facility time and the associated costs to the taxpayer. Organisations should ensure the costs to the taxpayer of facility time are proportionate to the benefits in the delivery of public services.

Minister for Implementation Oliver Dowden said:

The regulations provide a framework for open and transparent monitoring. Greater accountability has already been introduced within the Civil Service, resulting in sensible savings.