New Delhi: A day ahead of the next round of talks with the Union government, thousands of farmers organised a 'tractor march', describing the event as a "rehearsal" for a similar roadshow proposed on January 26 to oppose the three new central farm laws; at Delhi-Haryana's Singhu Border on Jan 7, 2021.

(Asian Independent)

Mr Modi still keeps insisting that the three laws are in benefit of the Kisaans but they totally refute his statement. Even the Lawyers have now come forward in support of the Kisaans because they also hold of opinion that the laws are in benefit of the Corporations and not in favour of the Kisaans.

M. Teji

As to their majority in the Parliament the Government has introduced these three laws without any consultation with the Kisaan Unions and without proper debate in the parliament.

This action has compelled the Kisaans in thousands to come out on the roads in protest to protect their lands, livelihood and future of their children.

The protest started in July 2020 in Punjab but the Government failed to give any attention and eventually on November 24th 2020 it came onto the borders of Delhi.

As soon as it hit the borders of Delhi, the Government came forward and offered a meeting to negotiate. It failed and since nine meetings have taken place but still the matter remains same. The Government does not want to bulge and the farmers are standing firm because it concerns their livelihood.

The Government is refusing to withdraw the objected laws because degrading of the farmers and many others is essential to pursue the hidden agenda they have. The corporations are part of the scheme.

The Kisaans and the rest of the public have now woken up and they have proved to the Government that they can be much wiser then the politicians when it comes to their livelihood. Now it is becoming a national protest against the Government. Solidarity is building and the barriers of caste, religion and origin are breaking.

If these three laws are not squashed then the future of the small businesses, the small farmers and the livelihood of millions of the labourers connected with the Kisaans will face dire consequences. To protect and save the livelihood, it essential that all immediately unite.

It should be remembered that the politician’s main interest is to line his own pocket. After five years, he pockets 50.000 rupees as retirement packet. The Politicians, who come to represent the Kisaans in the Parliament, have mostly come on the BJP ticket so they go along with the Government to safeguard their own earnings.

Where the politician is ending with a big retirement packet, on the other hand the Kisaan because of the governing laws and the natural disasters may be compelled to commit suicide within five years. Thousands have committed suicides but the Governments have failed to give any attention so they are now stranding firm and protesting for the future of their families.

Through the corporation control, the unemployment will increase because they will atomise production and the higher castes will be given preference to fill the vacancies.

India has had a fearless and an intellectual leader Baba Sahib Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar who has drafted Indian Constitution and sacrificed his life to better the other without thinking about his own gains. He was totally devoted to pull out the poor from the rut the Manuvaadis have put them in.

Unfortunately, the present leaders are not for the helpless people but to pursue their own interests whilst they are in power. They lie through their teeth to get the votes but never fulfil their promises. They have always taken advantage of the poor and vulnerable and will always do so.

Fifty people have died since the protest in Delhi but the Government has failed to show of any sympathy to this great loss. The Jawaans protecting the borders of India are mostly from these Kisaan and Muzdoor families and now their families in Delhi are protesting to save their livelihood and are being labelled as ATANKVAADIS.

The Jawaans on the borders are not happy the way their families are being treated on the borders of Delhi. It regrets to say that a Jawaan mentioned of justice for the protestors but has been stripped of duty and is in jail.

Unfortunately, this point’s that the Jawaans cannot even stand in sympathy of their families who are exposed to Corona and extremely cold weather on the borders of Delhi.

Now suddenly after forty three days of protest the Supreme Court has intervened with the statement that the protestors are exposed to corona virus. Is this intervention from the Supreme Court to a make way for the imposing of 144 in Delhi to stop tractor march on the 26th January 2021?

The Kisaans travelling from other states to join the protest in Delhi are coming under police attack. Plastic bullets, tear gas bombs and water cannons are being used in this extremely cold weather. When firing, the police force is intentionally aiming at the protestors to cause injuries. The police is also using abusive and vulgar language. All the democratic rules to a peaceful demonstration are being broken by the police.

Some leaders will not accept defeat and through enticing of Mr Trump, his supporters forced entry into the White House in Washington and have done an extensive amount of damage.

The Democracy in America is in jeopardy. Mr Biden and Kamala Harris have a mammoth task to reinstate it back.

Unfortunately, the Democracy in India is also in tatters because Mr. Modi and his associates want to bring back Manusmriti. The Supreme Court judges have already confirmed that the Democracy in India is at stake and this Governments arrogance towards the Kisaans sums it all.

Is the Tractor March on the 26th January 2021 going to end in a peaceful manner or the protestors or will have they face bullets under Mr Modi’s order? Everyone all around the world wants this protest to end with happy ending and not in bloodshed.


– M. Teji

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