TN releases 25,000 cusecs water from Bhavanisagar reservoir

Bhavanisagar reservoir.(photo:wikipedia)

Chennai, (Asian independent) As the average inflow into the Bhavanisagar in the past 24 hours increased to 19,000 cusecs, about 25,000 cusecs surplus water was released into the Bhavani river on Saturday.

People of the area are warned against entering the Bhavani river.

While the Full Reservoir Level (FRL) of Bhavanisagar is 105 feet, as per flood regulations, the volume of water that could be stored in the reservoir for the month of August is 102 ft. By 9 a.m. on Friday, the water level touched 102 feet, and hence water was discharged from the reservoir to the river. 6,113 cusecs of surplus water were discharged and were increased periodically and by Saturday, the volume of water discharged from the reservoir had touched 25,000 cusecs.

The river flows through Kodiveri anicut(masonry check dam) in Gobichettipalayam and the district administration has banned bathing and washing in the river and anicut.

Police, fire and rescue personnel, and district administration are monitoring the flow of water through four taluks near the reservoir and police told IANS that till now water had not entered any houses.

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