(Asian Independent)

Bhagwan Valmiki Ji’s Pargat Divas will be celebrated on the 31st October 2020.  All the festivals because of pandemic are being governed by the governments all around the world.  Guide lines are being set and have to be obliged. Those who fail to abide are ending up paying hefty fines.

The Valmikian Sabhas all around the world will be honouring the guide lines.

M. Teji

The year 2020 is indeed an eye opener.  The fortune tellers and the astrologers have all failed to warn the world of what 2020 had in store.  Covid 19 has indeed taken all by surprise.   Even the supreme gurus famous for their predictions have been unable to detect.

Nobody ever thought that the whole world would come to a standstill.  The air, sea and road transportation would cease.  The passengers would be stranded in foreign countries. Death toll would be heavy and the whole world will have to go into lockdown. Such a big disaster was hanging around in the horizon but neither the super brains nor the famous soul readers could see it coming.

In the time of disaster the mankind has always turned to God for help and prayers are said in the religious places in request for his mercy.

When Apollo 13 developed a fault and the lives of the three astronauts were endangered. Millions of people joined in prayers in the churches in America for their safe return.  The prayers were answered and they safely came back home.  Everyone thanked God.

The Covid19 has struck in such a way that the pray services could not be held because all the religious places were shut.  People in thousands were dying daily and the doctors and the nurses were upfront risking their own lives to save the others.

When the doctors and the nurses were working 24/7 to save lives. The politicians, the religious representatives and the general public were all in isolation in their homes.  Saving lives was the main priority.

The Doctors and the nurses were desperately yelling for good quality Personal Protection Equipment because they themselves were falling into grip of Covid19.  Their calls were falling on deaf ears because majority of the people who were dying were migrant workers. They are mostly from the lower castes.

When these migrant workers during the lockdown in India were on the roads, the politicians and the rich were in the safety of their homes.  The authorities failed to show of any mercy towards them.  The poor were on the roads and exposed to covid19 during the lockdown    because of injustice towards them since many centuries.

The philosophy behind this injustice is that the poor should be kept to remain poor and only the rich should be given opportunities to progress.  The natives have always been disrespected and mistreated since Aryan arrival in India and still is the same.

In some states when the migrant workers reached their homes they were flocked together as sheep and sprayed with disinfectant.  The state Governments and the Central Government have totally ignored the cries for help from the migrant workers who were walking thousands of kilometres to their homes.

The Government could have saved this unnecessary loss of lives if they had given some consideration towards the migrant workers.

The present Government in India desperately want to replace Indian Constitution with Manusmriti.

Return of Manusmriti would bring back dark age in India.  Instead of courts, the justice will be done through encounters.   The effect of Manusmriti can be seen in Uttar Pradesh.  Here justice through the encounters has increased.   Through Manusmriti the Varna movement will re start and will also give back control in the hands of the religious sect.

Shree Ram Mandir is being built in Ajodhya.  Shree Ram Chander’s name is alive today because of Bhagwan Valmiki’s Ramayana.

The Hindus hold, that charm of the Holy Ramayana will remain as long as Himalayas and river Ganges will remain on the face of this earth.

The names Valmiki and Rama will always remain together.  These both names together have survived through the past, are presently surviving together and will also survive together in the future.

It is a bond that even the Tulsi Ramayana could not break. Through it’s introduction, the Valmiki Ramayana did lose it’s momentum but has now regained it back.

As long as the Valmiki Ramayana will remain so shall remain Shree Ram Chander’s name and vice versa.

On this special occasion for health, wealth and prosperity for all is prayed.

May Bhagwan Valmiki Ji’s blessing be on all.


M. Teji