Mitej Teji 

(Asian independent) The Sikh brotherhood does deserve a lot of credit.    They have done the unthinkable.  Where the leaders have failed to unite the people they have started the movement that has united the Kisaan and the Muzdhur Unions on one platform.

Mr Modi has an agenda to establish Hindu Rashtra all over India.  The laws he is pushing through the Parliament are making pathway for it.

He wants to bring the people throughout India below the poverty line so it will weaken their moral to stop them raising any resistance towards introduction of the Hindutva.

Without any warning he has changed the currency notes.  Normally the Kisaans and the Muzdhurs do not have bank accounts because they do not have enough cash that necessitate banking.

Through this change of currency notes, millions of people have suffered.  The idea again behind this was to stop them using any savings they have in their possession. The purpose behind this was to weaken their status so it would stop them from putting obstacles in the path of Hindu Rashtra.

Mr Modi has also authorised Anti-National ruling.   Under this ruling the activists fighting for the rights of the lower castes are being jailed as Anti-Nationals.  Whoever raises a voice for his/her Constitutional right is classed as an Anti-National.

Who are anti-Nationals?

  • Is it people who are fighting for their Constitutional rights or
  • The people who are through terror in the name of Dharma are enforcing Hindutva.

The answer would be (b).

Mr Modi so far has had his own way.  His confidence has reached a point where he has started to feel that he can pass the laws to his own liking.

He declared lock down and put restrictions for all to remain indoors.  During this period he introduced three farm laws without any consultation and proper debate in the Parliament.  He was confident that because of the lock down there would be no opposition.

He was wrong because the Kisaans in Punjab came out on the roads in protest of these three farm laws because they could see that they were to benefit Ambani and Adani Corporations.  They could also see that their lands will be taken over by the corporations and their livelihood is going to be effected.

In explanation, Mr Modi came on the TV and assured them that they were for their benefit and put the blame on the other parties for fuelling the situation.  The Kisaans weren’t convinced by his explanation so from the roads, they took their protest on to the railway tracks and the trains came to a halt.  For two months they protested on the railway tracks but Mr Modi ignored their request to repeal the three farm laws.

Having realised that Mr Modi was failing to respond, they decided to take the protest to Delhi.  On the way Harianna also joined in the protest.  Harianna Police on Mr. Modi’s instructions tried to stop the protest but failed.  On the 26th November 2020 they reached Delhi and since the protest has been ongoing on its borders.

Following eleven meetings with the Government no conclusion was reached so a tractor march on the Republican Day (26 January 2021) was planned to take place on the Ring Road of Delhi.  Thousands of tractors from all over India had come to Delhi and participated in this tractor march.

The police objected to Ring Road so on the 25th January and in the evening gave new road plans to be followed.  Tractor marches started from four borders and all had different maps to follow.

From Singu border the march started in two parts, one went for the Ring Road and the other followed the instructions as per map.  The ones who followed the Ring Road ended in Red Fort.  Here they hailed the Kisaan and the Guru Govind Singh Ji’s flag.

They have done this to fulfil the tradition of the Sikhs who have fought wars to free Delhi. They have already hailed Guru Govind Singh Ji’s flag in Red Fort for 19 times and have done this time again because they are fighting the war against the Government to save the livelihood of the Kisaans and Muzdur population.

The Kisaan and Muzdhur protest has had worldwide recognition.  The Vice President of America Madam Kamala Harris has also shown of her concern for the protest because in the conditions the protestors are living on the borders of Delhi.  America, UK, Australia and    Europe have also expressed of their concern.

For this tractor march Mr. Modi and his Government is responsible.  Over 150 deaths have resulted because of the three bias farm laws but they have failed to show any sympathy.

This tractor march will be remembered as an historical event of the year 2021.

The Democracy in India is in danger because the Indian Constitution is being targeted to be replaced by Manusmirity.   Mr Modi is purposely ignoring the request for repeal of the three farm Laws because he has an agenda to establish Hindutva.

He wants to bring ruling of the four Varnas.  (Brahmin, Kshatariya, Vaish and Shudra).  Brahmins are going to be the religious gurus.  Kshatariya is going to be the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.  Vaisha are going to be the Corporations and Shudra are going to be the labouring force and they will be depended on above three.

To maintain the system of the Four Varnas, the Shudra need to be kept below the poverty line and this is the reason why Mr Modi is resilient to repeal these three farm laws.  The Muzdhur, the Kisaan and all the other labouring communities according to him fall in the Sudra category.

India does not need return of the Varna system.  Prime Minister Late Lal Bhadur Shasteri Ji stated that the Kisaan and the Jawaans protecting the borders are the backbone of India and should be honoured the respect they deserve.

He is even today honoured by millions as the best Prime Minister of India.

Jai Bharat.

Mitej Teji