Mitej Teji

(Asian Independent)- The second wave in India has now eased off and the MP’s who could not be found have now come upfront to claim that a lot of lives have been saved and the situation has been professionally dealt by the Government.

There are two sides to the story, one is of the Government and the other is of the millions of people who have lost their beloved ones through incompetence of the Government. Due to the Government’s failure the Sikh and the Muslim brotherhood came upfront to help the Covid 19 sufferers. The people did not know who to call for help because the MP’S were unavailable.

It was such a dire situation that the Sikh and the Muslim Brotherhood opened doors of their religious places for the Corona virus sufferers. The Sikhs arranged for the ventilators and the oxygen tanks. The Muslim Brotherhood helped the Hindu families in cremating their beloved ones.

A lot of volunteers did come upfront to assist but upon them FIR’s were served. At the time, the Government showed of no sympathy or mercy towards those who were desperately trying to save their beloved ones. Now the Government through sweet talk is trying to win them back but is not having any effect because they have been deeply scarred.

The families in thousands have been unable to cremate their beloved ones as per Hindu rights and this thought is going to haunt them all their lives. They will always hold the Government responsible for this.

During the first wave mostly the towns and the cities felt the full blunt but now in the second wave even the rural areas have been sucked in. This time the death toll is colossal because the Government failed to put necessary measures in place. Shortage of oxygen supply to the hospitals and elsewhere has been the main cause to these deaths.

Late Dr K. K. Agarwal a highly respected figure in the medical field, who since first wave in India was always active in helping and advising people about Covid 19. Unfortunately, even after having two doses of Corona vaccine, he himself fell victim to it.

He was hospitalised but sadly passed away. Till his last breath, he from his ICU bed kept reminding the doctors that it falls under their duty to save lives endangered by Covid 19. Even after knowing that he had very limited time to live, he carried on advising others about it. This shows that he cared for others more than his own self. People like him are very rare indeed.

The bodies in thousands have been shallowly buried in sand on the banks of river Ganges. The high winds have exposed some and the dogs and vultures are feeding on them. It is quite horrifying to watch corpses floating around in the River Ganges. It holds of high regard in Hindu belief so immediate action is needed to save its creditability.

From late Dr K K Agarwal’s case, we should learn that two doses of vaccine do not guarantee full protection but they only shield you and maximise recovery rate. So the guide lines must be followed at all times.

Sadvi Pragia in her speech has mentioned that when a Brahamin, a Kshatriya or a Vaishya is referred by his Varna he does not mind but when a Shudra is referred by his Varna why does he get offended?

To know the answer she will have to go beyond Dharma and study Bharat’s Historical Development since Aryan arrival. The first batch entered Bharat through Hindu Kush and they are the ones who have invented Varnas to establish difference between the Aryans and the Natives of India. To degrade and demoralise them, they named them as Shudras and introduced caste system into the system to cause division amongst them.

She should learn about the Naag Vansh and the Sindh Ghatti Sabita. How advance they were and what their achievements were. Only then she will understand who these Shudras are and why they get upset by this word. She should take note that Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are evidence to their advancement.

The other three Varnas presently are known as Swaran Jaatis and the Shudras are considered as down trodden Jaatis. The Aryans have enforced hatred against the Shudras in such a way through the Vedas and Shastras that even today it is persistent.

She is trying to play insane but deep down in her heart she knows the reason why the Shudras get offended by this word. The Shudras will have to immediately unite to save the Indian Constitution drafted and finalised by Baba Sahib Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

A large number of the Brahmins and the Hindus are in support of the Indian Constitution. It is only a small sect of the Hindus who with the support of the religious organisations are trying to spread Hindutva in India. They are forcing non Hindus to say Jai Shree Ram and those resenting are getting beaten and deaths are happening.

People from all walks of life and origin are falling prey to these groups.

Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Govind Singh, Guru Ravi Dass, Sant Kabir, Sant Gyaneshwar and Sirdi Sai Baba have all opposed Manusmriti because it categorises society but on the other hand the Constitution unites all.

Until 2014 and under Constitution’s guidance India was on its way to become a superpower but now under BJP Government the progress has halted because for them spreading of Hindutva is of more importance. Since Independence, India has maintained gradual progress but now it seems has come to an end. No one knows when it will flourish again.

Latest promise by Mr Modi Ji is that all the poor families will be given free food. All are hoping that this happens because the poor are struggling to survive and the prices are increasing every day.

India is in a dire state so please unite and save our Constitution.

Jai Bharat.
– Mitej Teji