(The Asian Independent)

– Mitej Teji

The Lock-down was a complete disaster for the migrant workers. It was introduced without any warning. It has become a debateable issue now amongst the parties. The numbers of Covid 19 in India have hit two hundred thousand and are still increasing.

The migrant population was stranded. They had no money, no food and no accommodation. This sudden enforcement forced them to return back to their villages. In vast numbers they were seen on the roads during the lock-down.

They walked thousands of kilometres to their homes. These were the people who have contributed their sweat, blood and hard work on just mere bowl of feed. The authorities since Independence have failed to give any consideration to their welfare.

They came from their villages to improve their status by working and living in the new developing towns. But on arrival they found that the authorities and the religious bodies had the caste based policies. It made them to feel that they have from the pan, jumped straight into the fire.

They were heartbroken. They were powerless. Only choice they had was to remain and sweat it out. The authorities and the rich took advantage. They just used them as cheap labour. They settled in small groups on the outskirts of the towns.

The towns expanded and these areas were sucked in but the Governments failed to give any attention towards their improvement. The poor have been ignored by the ruling parties, since Independence and this lock-down without any consideration was the final blow.

The migrants all over India decided to return back to their homes because they could see that they were not human to these Governments but pawns in their political games and used and abused as they wished.

Millions were seen on the roads during the lock down and walked no end of kilometres to their homes. The politicians kept quiet and the days passed by.

The public raised uproar and the Government bulged and arranged for some trains and buses. Unfortunately, the politics took over and many buses stood idle whilst the migrants were WALKING ON FOOT to their destinations. MANY REACHED BUT SOME FAILED.

Even this pandemic has failed to establish humanity in India. It seems barriers of hatred through religions are to remain and to enforce them some MP’s are waiting in the midst.

Will the Aadi-vasis in India ever get any justice or will they remain victims of the greedy rich and the religious bodies forever?

The migrants have built all the roads, the bridges, the Government buildings, the religious places and the list goes on. The commodities of today are present because of them.
They have built Hindu temples in India but upon completion they are not permitted to enter because they belong to low caste. Is this going to repeat again?

The Ram Mandir in Ajodhya is being built, not by the politicians, nor the gurus or the mahatmas but by the Dalit workforce. Upon completion, are the doors going to be shut on them? Is history going to repeat again?

Even today in the 20th century, in India religious beliefs those have spread poison of hatred for centuries are being promoted. This Government is in the process of re-instating Manusimirty that has been outlawed by the Indian Constitution because it promoted inequality.

Hindu Dharma is a platform that through four Varnas generates inequality. These four Varnas are linked to the cycle of dharma and karma and has caused confusion that is quite difficult to understand by a normal being.

Only person who could see through this was Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar so he outlawed Manusmirity in the Indian Constitution. This failed to please RSS. The BJP is a RSS based organisation and now has majority in the Parliament, therefore is trying hard to reinstate it back.

Reinstating of the Manusmirity will be extremely distressing for the Natives of India and it will spark revolutions all around because it only promotes Hindu Raj. Everyone else will be affected by it and their voices will be unheard.

The riots all over America are happening because of handling of an incident by the Police. They handled the case in a discriminatory manner that caused a black person’s death. The public complained to the authorities but they took it very lightly and their failure has started riots all around in America.

The rest of the world is joining in support of the protestors. It is a stern massage to the authorities that any ruling involving discrimination will not be tolerated by the public. The public in modern age is a united front hence any form of discrimination is not acceptable.

The Indian Government needs to take on board, that the religious differences need to be settled, failing they will eventually erupt into revolutions all around India.

Finally, the migrants left their homes in hope to improve their status but failed because the rich and the ruling parties who took their advantage. To reach their homes they had to walk thousands of kilometres.

The pain is buried within them and it is only a matter of time when it will explode. The MP’s failed to show of any remorse towards them instead raised issues those hindered help.

India needs the Indian Constitution to survive and not the Manusimirity.