– Mitej Teji

The ways of the Almighty are strange and we must bow to his will.

The mankind is trying all means to conquer nature but the Almighty has surprises in store.  The different types of the strands keep erupting and take medical science by surprise. Corona Virus is the latest and the medical science although well advanced is struggling to cope with it.

It seems, for the man to understand the true nature of the Almighty is beyond his capability.  He is using the God’s name for his own advantage.  Today the commercial aspects are more valuable to him than the faith and the belief in the Almighty God.

Presently, the man is so deeply involved in the space programme that will commercialise the journeys into space.  Only the very rich will be able to afford.   Will this help the millions dying of hunger and sickness in this world?

The charities are desperately crying out for help to save the breeds falling prey to commercial greed.  The tigers, the elephants, the leopards and many more are being hunted by the poachers to satisfy the commercial needs.

The religious organisations are banking the collections even though their followers are dying because of hunger.  The evilness of the preachers in all the religions is being exposed. The culprits are being jailed.  The vulnerable under the care have been and are still being abused by the authorities.  The records are present all around the world.

In Tihar Jail – India, four males have been executed for the murder of a young lady doctor named Nirbhaya, in the early hours of the 20th March 2020.  It has taken seven years and three months for her parents to get justice done for their beloved daughter.

She was brutally gang raped and murdered in the bus.  It shocked the world the way she met her fate.  Worldwide media covered the incident. There was a big outcry all over India for their hanging.  A special programme named India’s Daughter was prepared and transmitted worldwide.

The family has faced a lot of the obstacles but has finally managed to get the justice they wanted.  In India, many murders are being done through gang rapes and in the name of the Dharma.  Little children under the age of ten are also being gang raped and murdered.

All the convicts from now on wards should be hanged only then the law and order in India can be imposed.  The rich must not be allowed to overrule the laws of the country.

They seem to buy their way out.  The corruption introduced by the rich in the system needs to be ironed out.  The MPs, the saints or anyone connected in murdering of the innocent should face the rope. This will in return increase safety of the women in India.

The Government should be fair and not bias.  All the religions and the beliefs should be respected.   All should be treated as one.  The poor in India deserve justice.  The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

The closure of the Yes Bank has exposed some elite and raised awareness to how the rich benefit from the general public’s money.  The laws are being broken by the rich but they seem to get away.

The poor are generally used to cover the offences committed by the rich even though they have no involvement in it. This lets the rich to walk away with the clean sheet and the poor is recorded as the culprit on the police record.  This is a general practice in India because the poor do not have any voice.

Why are the laws being broken by the Government Officials?  The Prime- Minister Mr Narendra Modi is stressing that the group gathering must be avoided at all cost to stop Corona Virus’s progress.

But on the TV, the BJP in Madhya Pardesh is shown celebrating the departure of the Kamal Nath’s Government.  They are all so closely standing together and are in a large group.

The viewers cannot understand that when the Prime Minister is urging the whole country to avoid close contact and here his own party members and his associates are disobeying his orders.

The laws should be obeyed by all regardless of their caste, culture, position and creed.  This belief of one being better than the other by birth is totally a misleading statement.  It is a man made stigma that supports caste difference in India.

The escape from the Corona Virus by drinking cow’s urine has failed to draw any attention.  This belief may hold value for some in India but worldwide has no effect.  It has been put forward by the religious sect to raise praise for the cow because it is a religious symbol.

The episodes EK MAHANAYAK DR BHIM RAO AMBEDKAR are being shown on the sky channel 709.  They show of the hatred, its development and of behavior toward the lower caste.  Such a behavior and the attitude of the higher caste instigated Dr Bhim Rao Ramji Ambedkar to stand and fight for their rights.

This hatred based on the religious grounds needs to be eliminated, only then equality has any chance to flourish in India.

 Mitej Teji