The language of money in Kaun Benega Crorepati (KBC) programme is causing behavioural pollution among youth: Prof. M. M. Goel

Kurukshetra, (Asian independent)   ‘Nonviolence,  smallness and simplicity  are  three remedies for the maladies of modern society with lessons from the wise words of wisdom in Gandhian thoughts to work without worries ’ opined Professor M.M. Goel, former Vice Chancellor and Needonomist living in Kurukshetra.

He was addressing national webinar on ‘Youth, Gandhian Philosophy and Global Peace’ organised jointly by NSS unit of Sikkim Manipal University and ICFAI University Sikkim  on the occasion of International Non Violence Day.

The language of money devoid of moral responsibility in Kaun Benega Crorepati  (KBC) programme is causing  behavioural pollution in the minds of  youth believing that money is the greatest reality of life, engendering terrible crimes of multidimensional nature, believes Prof. Goel.

Indian youth have to be alert, aware, and awake with vivek (rationality) to accept the realities of life and adopt 4S model of  satyam, shivam, sundram and samyam  for  enlightenment and empowerment, told Professor Goel.

To maintain democratic values is a challenge calling for motivation of intelligent ethical youth to accept politics as a career mandated in National Youth Policy 2014, told Dr. Goel former Director RGNIYD.

Non-violence in economics ‘Needonomics’ is the panacea of all the problems including violence,corruption, terrorism, deprivation, discrimination and discontent caused by the greed  and can ensure global peace , said  the Needonomist Goel.

Earlier Dr. Hemant Yadav convenor welcomed and presented citation on the achievements of Prof. M.M .Goel.