Mitej Teji, (Asian independent)

When Covid 19 was declared as pandemic, the death toll was extremely heavy.  The Governments all around the world were totally helpless.  Only solution they could apply was to declare lockdowns and advice all to remain in their dwellings to escape this killer Corona virus.

Accordingly, the lockdowns were enforced where ever it attacked to stop from spreading.  The general feeling worldwide at that time was, that all the Governments will go beyond politics and cooperate with each other because it was an international problem.

The air, the road and the sea operations were stopped and the world came to a standstill.  The passengers were stranded all around the world.  The people in thousands were dying daily on this planet.  The cemeteries and the crematoriums were exhausted.

Large graves were dug and many coffins placed together and buried.  This virus is so contagious that the people upon dying in the hospitals were immediately sealed to stop it spreading.  The families wished final farewell to sealed bodies of their beloved ones. Only, immediate family members were permitted to be present during the burial.

The doctors and the nurses were upfront fighting to save lives.  The Municipal personnel were sanitising the areas of concern.  The emergency services were meeting the daily demands and the Police were keeping control.

Whilst the politicians were resting in their dwellings these professionals were upfront exposed to corona virus.  The Governments failed to supply proper PPE to the medical staff and some became infected and lost their lives.  Even today the Doctors and the Nurses are raising issues to the supplied PPE.

Presently, many countries have started to ease the lockdown and the life is slowly returning back to normality.

During the lockdown in India the number was very low but unfortunately since easing of the lockdown, the numbers have soared and now have passed over three hundred thousand mark and are rising fast.

During the lockdown in India, the people were to remain in their houses but thousands of the migrant workers were seen on the roads heading back to their areas of origin because through implementation of the lockdown, the sources to their employment came to halt.

They could not pay rent and the landlords shut the doors on them.  They possessed their belongings as rent payment and kicked them out on the roads.  The Governments failed to give any form of support so they all decided to return back to their villages.

It shows how evil these rich are?  It was time to show concern and sympathy towards the Dalits who have built their cities on bowl of food.  The rich have used them as cheap labour but in this time of need they have turned their backs on them.

They have always hindered the Dalit progress.  It has been a general practise since Aryan arrival in India.  They have intentionally ignored the Dalits because as usual whenever the Aadi Vasis need assistance from them, unfortunately the hatred erupts in them.

The migrants were struggling and exposed to Covid 19 out on the roads but even the Government failed to give any attention until outcry by the public.

The Prime Minister Mr Modi has addressed that this pandemic will be advantageous to India’s economy and will lead to improved India.  Improvement can only be achieved upon establishing of equality in India.  The RSS based ideas will have to be discarded because they promote segregation and hatred.

The introducing of the CAA, NPR and NRC is to safeguard Hindu supremacy in India.  The citizens could read through the lines and have strongly opposed them but the Government still insists of implementing them, because their main agenda is to reinstate Hindu Raj in India.

Recently, in an interview on the TV in regard to developing situation between India and China it was confirmed that the election manifesto included implementing of the CAA, NPR and NRC and is on the cards.

The Government is pursuing with the implementation even following the worldwide demonstrations because it is going to be the structural foundation to Hindu control.

The people behind promoting of the Hindu regime in India should take note that any form of human classification, racial discrimination or religious oppression is not acceptable in the modern society.  The death of late George Floyd in America through a racialist policeman’s aggression has sparked worldwide demonstrations.

The people from all the races, castes, cultures and creed have joined together to voice that all human are same  but even today there are people around who still believe in old unruly and evil habits of the yester years.

Through technical advances, the world has come very close together and supports each other whenever a heavy handed Government or an organisation uses bias measures to achieve their goals.

Still, the vaccine for the Covid 19 is being awaited.  Still new cases are emerging and still people are dying. The Government views are still the same as prior to the Covid pandemic.  India and China are now on the verge to war.  Mankind is still pursuing his ego and greed.

The Covid 19 gave an opportunity to destroy hatred and establish equality but the mankind has failed.  In God’s eye all human are same and those who believe to be better than the others are sinners and their souls will face judgement in the God’s court.

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