The coronation of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris begins

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

New York, (Asian independent)┬áKamala Harris has arrived to deliver a victory speech in what is now America’s most famous parking lot in Wilmington, Delaware, in a motorcade flashing red and blue lights — the first sign that the earth has moved from beneath the Donald Trump-Mike Pence White House.

While Trump continues to claim that he has “won” the US 2020 election, the unmistakable visuals of Secret Service cover for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make it very clear where the power has shifted.

By 8 pm EST, Harris is scheduled to begin her first prepared remarks after being declared America’s Vice President-elect

Harris and Biden are speaking tonight at a drive-in event, which has become a staple feature of a campaign transformed by the unique challenges of an ongoing pandemic.

This is home to Joe Biden and his family, it’s also been the place where the Biden campaign hunkered down and waited a full four days since the election on November 3 before they erupted in wild celebration around noon Saturday.

Twice in the span of 12 hours, Kamala Harris made history Saturday. At 11.30 a.m., her name flashed on national television as ‘Vice President-elect’ and she became the first woman and first Black and Indian American to smash the ultimate glass ceiling in American politics. At 8 p.m., she will get a shot to speak ahead of President-elect Joe Biden in a nod to Harris’ barrier-shattering candidacy which has revived hope among everyone hurting from Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump in a fraught election four years ago.

Throughout the day today, Americans poured out in street corners and downtown, enjoying a giant, nationwide version of a block party. They waved from balconies and car windows, honked horns and cowbells, sang and danced, an awesome sight that brought back familiar comparisons to the Obama win in 2008. “It’s such an awesome thing to watch the people come out there, grab the wheel of democracy and turn it,” David Axelrod, former Obama aide, told CNN.

Kamala Harris, 56, will be second in command to the oldest president ever inaugurated. Biden is now 77.

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