Thai King, Queen inspect soldiers manufacturing COVID-19 supplies

Thailand's Their Majesties the King Maha Vajiralongkorn (L) and Queen Suthida

Bangkok, (Asian independent) Thailands royal household released photographs of the countrys King and Queen inspecting soldiers as they manufacture supplies for the COVID-19 crisis.

King Vajiralongkorn and Queen Suthida appeared in the images, which were released on Friday to mark their first wedding anniversary, reports Efe news.

The royal couple were seen in matching blue tracksuits and wore masks in some of the undated pictures as they oversaw military personnel making supplies such as masks and head coverings at the First Infantry Regiment in Bangkok.

This regiment is dedicated exclusively to the protection of the King.

The 67-year-old monarch married his fourth wife, a 41-year-old former flight attendant, in a ceremony at Dusit Palace in Bangkok.

Three days later, Vajiralongkorn was crowned in a traditional ceremony followed by a procession in which the monarch was carried in a palanquin, or covered litter, through the streets of the capital city.

The king, who since his ascension to the throne has expanded his powers and control over the money and security of the royal household, has married four times and has seven children.

His father Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died in 2016, reigned over Thailand for seven decades and was venerated almost as a deity by a large part of the population who considered him a national father and a role model.