Taliban violated Eid ceasefire 38 times: Afghan govt

Afghan security force members

Kabul, (Asian independent) The Afghan Interior Ministry said that the Taliban violated the three-day Eid ceasefire 38 times, killing at least 20 civilians and injuring 40 others.

The Ministry said in a statement on Monday that the Taliban violations included terrorist attacks, offensive attacks and mine explosions that were conducted in 10 provinces, reports TOLO News.

According to the Ministry, the Taliban conducted 19 blasts, 15 shellings, two ambush attacks on security forces, killing three people and abducting six others.

“This is against the commitments that the Taliban often make to reduce violence,” Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said.

The Afghan government on Monday stressed the need for a continuation of the ceasefire and said the Taliban is insisting on war and that they did not want a truce

“We have always wanted ceasefire… For years, ceasefire has been a key issue for us in any attempt for peace, but, unfortunately, the Taliban has always insisted on violence,” TOLO NEWS quoted presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqqi as sayinf.

Taliban has denied they violated of the ceasefire.