– M. L. Teji

Dr Ambedkar deserves to be called SON OF INDIA because the 70th REPUBLICAN DAY which was celebrated in Delhi on the 26th January 2020 is on the record because of him.  He drafted the Indian Constitution and it came effective on the 26th January 1950 and ever since has been celebrated on this set date.

A survey in India was carried out to name the personality of the 19th Century.  It included names of the famous politicians, actors, sportsmen and also included names of the famous Bollywood play back singers.  It was a tough competition and the winner was DR BHIM RAO AMBEDKAR.   So he deserves to be called SON OF INDIA.

Today he has conquered hearts of millions of people and his posters are becoming part of the demonstrations going on against CAA – NPR – NRC.  The stubbornness of the BJP Government has made people realise the value of the Indian Constitution.  For them now Dr Ambedkar is the SON OF INDIA who has for MOTHER INDIA made laws to benefit all regardless of caste, culture, creed or gender.

Whilst the Republic day was being celebrated in Delhi, all over India demonstrations against the CAA – NPR – NRC were taking place. They fear that these amendments are bias and are being introduced to snatch away the rights of the minorities issued by the Indian Constitution.

Dr. Ambedkar put a lot of effort to draft the Indian Constitution.  After seventy years it is in danger of being replaced by the Manusimirity.  The BJP Government is applying every trick to weaken the Constitution through amendments.  Through amendments, their intention is to discard rights of the people given by the Indian Constitution.

Because of the Indian Constitution, India has progressed to where it is today.  Credit goes to Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar because everyone else threw in the towel because drafting of the Constitution was beyond them,

Neither the BJP Government nor the RSS can claim credit for the arsenal India has today.  It has taken many years of planning and preparation to reach this point.  All the previous Governments have done their part so Mr. Modi and Mr Shah should honour their contribution and stop war mongering with the strength India has.

It was pleasure to see female soldiers in the celebration parading on equal grounds to men.  This would have never happened, if Manusmirity had stayed in force after the Independence.   This has only happened because of the Indian Constitution.  It gave females opportunity to progress.  Today Indian ladies are not just soldiers but they are present in every profession.

Dr Ambedkar was a very wise man who had wisdom to think ahead so he was able to finalise the Constitution when others failed.  His Constitution has promoted India to where it is today but now the BJP Government is putting a lot of effort to reinstate Manusmirity.

The Manusmirity shows of no respect for the females so what will happen of the struggles and strives the women have gone through for the past seventy years.

Behind establishing of the Hindu Rashtra are religious organisations.  So to fulfil wishes of some religious gurus and leaders the females will be pushed back to where they were many years ago.   Is this what BJP wants?

To stop this evilness in it’s tracks, the mothers with their children are protesting all over India because they can sense what BJP is aiming to do through introduction of CAA – NPR – NRC.

All the people who are protesting to save their rights are being labelled as the Anti-Nationals by Mr Amit Shah. Following Pulwama incident, people ate their words or they would be labelled as the Anti-Nationals.  The same phrase is being used for these people who are fighting for their rights.

They have a cause to protect but the ones pushing the Hindu Rashtra are Anti-Nationals because they are going against the Indian Constitution.

India is economically going down downhill.  Unemployment is at large.  Students are deeply concerned about their future.  They are protesting all around India.  The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer.

At one time India was highly respected for democracy.  Law and order was well maintained.

Police was not corrupted.  People respected the Indian Constitution and India was progressing.

Then through the religious organisations and the members of the Parliament, corruption started to seep in.  Police became part of it.  Regularly, rapes and murders started to take place.  The rich got away with bribing police and this became normal practise.

Today the names of the saints, the MP’s and even the police are linked to such offences.  It is shocking but what will happen if Hindu Rashtra takes control in India.

Mob lynching of the poor will become a usual thing.  Detention centres will become home for the Adhi Vasis.  They will have no voice.  Manusmirity will be the law of the land.  The Religious Organisations will control fate of the poor.  All the hard work done by Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar will go down the drain.

All the communities in India and worldwide must UNITE and raise voice.   Only then, they can protect freedom given by the Indian Constitution.