Sikh Missionary Society UK honoured SEVA Trust UK Chairman Charan Sekhon for his contributions and Seva

Photo Details: Sikh Missionary Society Education Secretary Teja Singh Mangat and Tejinder Singh presenting the Award to Cllr Charan Sekhon

Councillor Charan Kanwal Singh Sekhon, Founder Chairman of Social Education Voluntary Association (SEVA) Trust UK, a Bedford based international charity working on Education, Health and Environment in the UK and India, received a special award from the UK Sikh Missionary Society.

The Education Secretary for the Society Teja Singh Mangat presented the Award of Honour to Cllr Sekhon in an event held on New Year’s Eve at the National Sikh Resource Centre, Southall, London.

On this occasion Mr Mangat said “This is a really special year when we are commemorating 550th Parkeash Utsav (Birth Anniversary) of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and 50th Anniversary of the Sikh Missionary Society UK. We have presented this Award to Cllr Sekhon for his and his family’s contributions and support for Society projects for advancement of the Sikh faith, tradition and culture in the UK and abroad. They have been supporting the educational projects and youth camps led by the Society helping our youngsters to learn about Sikh values, community Seva and making positive contributions in the society being excellent citizens of this country. Cllr Sekhon has made exceptional contributions in prompting community cohesion and in a wide range of community and charitable projects in the UK and India. The Sikh Missionary Society has honoured Cllr Sekhon and other leading Sikh personalities for their selfless Seva and continuations that made a real difference.”

The Society has completed 50 years of Seva in the UK and with continued support from the Sikh and other diverse communities of the UK, we are fully committed to carry on our Seva for the advancement of the Sikh faith, tradition and culture in the UK and abroad and promoting community Seva, tolerance and integration, said Mr Mangat.