Screenings of my film in Chennai – `Voices from the Ruins’

Dear friends,

This is to inform that I will be in Chennai with my colleague Divya Bhatt from July 1 to 3rd night. I will be caught up with seminar on political films organised by Amudhan till 3rd afternoon. After that, the plan is to initiate screenings of our latest film on Kandhamal `Voices from the Ruins’ wherever we can. Amudhan has taken up the responsibility to coordinate the events. His number is: 895279353 and 9940642044. There will be one screening in Loyola College on July 2nd at 2pm.  Other screenings are being planned out. If anybody can do further, it would be good.

As you are aware, during the genocide in Kandhamal in 2008,over 100 people were killed, over 40 women have were subjected to rape, molestation and abuse, over 6,500 houses were burnt, destroyed and looted, over 56,000 people had to flee immediately after the genocide, over 12,000 children lost their studies and around 393 churches and worship places were destroyed in Kandhamal.  The victims have been Adivasi Christians and Dalit Christians. Not a single culprit is in
jail, and 7 innocent adivasis and dalits are still languishing in jail. We are reaching the anniversary of one decade of Kandhamal on August 25, 2008. Till today, no proper compensation, or justice to the victims have taken place. Every year, the survivors of Kandhamal come out to express their rights on Kandhamal day and various supportive groups organise events on August 25, observing the day as Kandhamal Day. The National Solidarity Forum (a coalition of over 70 groups) has been calling for observation of Kandhamal Day every year. This year, a solidarity group in Delhi is also formed with the name `Kandhamal Never Again’.

While we request you to observe Kandhamal Day on August 25, 2018 in support of the struggle of the survivors of Kandhamal, we also request you to support the events in Kandhamal and Bhubaneshwar. Around 10,000 people from the affected villages will be gathering with the demands for justice, peace and harmony on August 28. The Kandhamal Day in
Bhubaneshwar will be on August 29.  We request you to observe Kandhamal Day on August 25, when the main violence took place.

I request you to coordinate with Amudhan and see how we can collectively strengthen the efforts by screening the film on

We also need to raise support to pay our debts which incurred during this production. We intend to do that by selling copies of the film on Kandhamal as well as sets of our 21 films on different social issues and people’s movements. I am sure, many friends in Chennai will be able to help in this process and make our visit meaningful. For further information on this, I request you to get in touch with my colleague, Divya Bhatt: 9845344903.

Looking forward to meeting all friends in Chennai.

In solidarity,

K.P. Sasi