Sat-Guru Ravidass Ji’s Pargat Utsab in the year 2020

 – M. L. Teji

Sat-Guru Ravidass Ji’s Pargat Utsab will be celebrated on the 9th February 2020 with great enthusiasm.  It will be celebrated world-wide because the Ravidassia community is present all over the globe.

Without any fear, Guru Ravi Dass Ji stood and faced these Brahmin Organisations who have been and were spreading poison against the Aadi-Vaasis.  They have through caste system, managed to degrade the natives from being the rulers to the lowest of the low in the society.

The natives were banned from entering the villages during the day time.  They could only enter during the darkness of the night.  They had to drag branches behind them, so no trace of them was left behind.   How sinful this was?

The Aryan History is about their supremacy and control in India whereas the Aadi Vaasi History is about their degrading and torturing suffered since Aryan arrival. The Aryans classed themselves as the Devtas meaning good beings of God and the inhabitants were classed as Rakshish meaning the demons.

They invented stories to show that they were superior to all by birth. They connected birth and karma together to prove of their superiority.  Their claim has always been and still is that they have done good karmas in their previous life.  To know about the Karmas one has to read Yogvasishta by Bhagwan Valmiki Ji.  Their claim is groundless.

How could they justify their claim when they have been discriminating against the other beings and are still doing now?   In God’s eye, any form of discrimination is a sinful act but it seems for them it is a good karma.  DISCRIMINATION is inhuman practice and does not qualify as a GOOD KARMA.

They have always claimed that they have been sent here by the Almighty to promote his name by whatever means it takes. For the purpose they introduced Code of Manu that spread hatred within mankind.  It’s effect is still visible that under the BJP government, discrimination against the natives is on increase but they are turning a blind eye to it.

Sat-Guru Ravidass Ji disapproved the idea of them being superior to others by birth.  Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Govind Singh Ji and many more saints have stood against the Brahmins to bring equality amongst the man-kind.  Meera Bai and her devotion for Sat Guru Ravi Dass Ji is on the record.

The seeds of hatred had penetrated so deep into the system therefore Guru Ravidass ji had to face a lot of opposition from the Brahmin Organisations.  He firmly stood his ground and gave rise to Ravidassia religion and today it is established all around the world.

The misconception of the natives being uncivilized was put to rest in the year 1920 when Sir Mortimer Wheeler excavated the lost cities of Mohenjodharo and Harrappa.

Following this discovery, the world became to know that the natives belonged to a very advanced nation prior to Aryan arrival in India.  The covers to falsehood were lifted and the natives of India started to be recognized as humans and not the animals as put across by the Brahmin Organisations.

The West side of India prior to Aryan arrival was ruled by King Parchetta and Bhagwan Valmiki Ji was his tenth child.  His kingdom spread from Nagpur to Afghanistan and today’s Pakistan, Punjab and Kashmir were part of it.  This has come to light following extensive research by Pandit Bakshi Ram Ji.

Prior to Sat Guru Ravi Dass Ji’s arrival, the Ravidassia and the Valmikian communities were probably one and the possibilities are that the Valmiki Ramayana was our scripture and Bhagwan Valmiki Ji was hailed as God.  The Aryans could not overcome stronghold of the Valmiki Ramayana so they introduced Tulsi Ramayana to replace it.

Tulsi Ramayana downgraded Bhagwan Valmiki Ji and also promoted division amongst the inhabitants of India.  The natives fell into their trap and put divisions amongst themselves.  Sat-Guru Ravidass Ji through his wisdom could see the past so he held very high regard for Bhagwan Valmiki Ji.

He asked the Brahmins to put their faith in Bhagwan Valmiki Ji because of him the Pandu’s Jaag became sampooran.  He told them that Valmiki Ji was above all their deities.

Sat- Guru Ravidass Ji held high regard for Bhagwan Valmiki Ji should be taken on board. The Valmikian and the Ravidassia communities need to give equal respect to Bhagwan Valmiki Ji and Sat-Guru Ravidass Ji, if we want to establish Begampur we are seeking for.

Today through Blessing of Sat-Guru Ravidass Ji and Bhagwan Valmiki Ji Maharaj these both communities are coming close together.  Now, marriages between the Valmikian and the Ravidassia communities are taking place and this was unimaginable some years ago.

Taking into account how the students of the Universities are being treated, the celebrities and the general public have joined forces with them because TODAY unity matters most.

Therefore it is very important that the leaders and the religious Gurus give immediate attention towards establishing of required unity.   Failing, the future looks very bleak for the deprived people.

Finally, it is prayed to Sat-Guru Ravidass Ji Maharaj to bless all with health, wealth and happiness to last

Jai Sat-Guru Ravidass Ji, Jai Bhagwan Valmiki Ji.

Jai Bheem, Jai Bharat.

Thank you.

M.L. Teji