RoDTEP benefits will be subject to conditions, restrictions

Ministry of Finance.

New Delhi, (Asian independent) The Finance Ministry on Friday said that the benefits under the remission of duties and taxes on exported products (RoDTEP) for exporters will be subject to conditions, restrictions, ineligibility and fulfilment of procedural requirements as notified by the government.

The statement comes a day after the Centre announced extension of the benefits under the RoDTEP scheme to all export goods starting Friday.

On Friday, the statement from the Department of Revenue also said that on exports eligible for RoDTEP, the benefit shall be available from January 1, even if the rates and other details are prescribed later, within next few days.

“The benefit of RoDTEP would be available subject to the conditions, restriction, exclusions, ineligibility and fulfilment of the procedural requirements as notified,” it said.

It further stated that the details of export goods eligible for the scheme, the applicable RoDTEP rate, value caps on such eligible goods, the excluded category of exports, other conditions and restrictions, the procedural details for grant of RoDTEP duty credit, and utilisation thereof will be notified shortly.