Ricky Sherpuri’s Poetry is Emotions of Heart

Ricky Sherpuri

(The Asian Independent)

If the words of a poet can make you laugh, cry or pause to speculate, he will consider as his success. Name of Ricky Sherpuri is not reliant on any identity in today’s poetry world. Ricky is a writer, a lyricist and by heart, a poet and his words always give an internal relief and pleasure in this modern bustling and violent world. Born in an ordinary Sikh family of Ludhiana, they illuminated his parents name by being a youth icon in poet’s world. His words have touched the heights of success that for any other poet is like a fantasy of. His transparent and easy way of saying and describing poetry has carved a niche in the hearts of the countless common people. They always had the talent of writing since initial young age due to which they shared their poetic stage with renowned poets of our country.

His Sufi words can connect anyone in the spiritual or physical world to his beloved. They have been invited all over India in various Sufi-Nights and spiritual mehfil to introduce his poetry skills and also been honoured from time to time for his unprecedented contribution. They have written different Punjabi song lyrics performed by various singers in Punjab. We hope that our young poet Ricky Sherpuri will achieve the status which is the best in his pen. It is our heartfelt wish that such a poet in the treasury of our literature maintains his identity like precious gem and rules the hearts of the people.