Relevance of Vedic Wisdom for Being Human

Professor M.M .Goel

(The Asian Independent)

– Professor M.M. Goel*

Being a disciple of Gita (the heart of Krishan), I confess that I have limited  knowledge of   the summary of Vedas and Upanishads and trying to understand many things after my retirement as Professor from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Vedic wisdom is necessary for a human being to become useful to the society. It is the supreme wisdom of ancient Bharat called India in English as independent nation declared in August. All existing religions on the planet are offshoots of this eternal truth that has been passed on from master to master for ages. Time changes, people come and go but the truth always stays. We are here because of our past karma and unless we transcend the cycle of birth and death, we will have to come again and again. Our Sole purpose is to grow and develop spiritually. Vedic Astrology “DOS”(destiny operating system) of this existence and many other occult sciences are tools given to the mankind by the ancient seers to help us grow in consciousness. We have abused these tools and have used them for mundane issues. We must turn our focus inward and use these sacred sciences to know ourselves and the world around us. In this way, we can grow and help others grow on all levels of spiritual wisdom.

This life is a gift from god to a human being for loving self.  The physical body is a temple of God, where his light seats as soul.

 According to a very interesting story, when God created humanity he wanted the feedback from people. Every day people would come to him with their suggestions & complaints and ask him to make changes. Finally he got sick of their complaints. He wanted to run away from humanity. He wanted to hide where man would not look for him easily. So he asked for a emergency meeting of his advisors. The big question was, where should he hide? Some said go to the Everest, go live on the Moon, hide in the Ocean but God said man would find him some day. Finally one very old advisor suggested to God. Hide in the Man itself as man would never look there, he was right. We never look within. Start from the body and move within, there is no other way for a human being to establish relationship with god.

 It is sad to note that the society has crippled the humanity to its core. Humans are living the lives of machines, in today’s materialistic world; machines are better cared for than humans. My immediate neighbour has a car which he washes daily and care more than his wife best known to him.

We have lost our basic instincts. We cannot laugh, unless we hear a good joke, we cannot cry, unless we are in deep trouble. We cannot love, unless we have a vested interest in the person. Humans are accumulating the social garbage within their bodies and minds, which is coming out in the form of dangerous diseases like cancer. There is no limit to the number of diseases on this planet. It is all because of one simple reason and that is we cannot cry or laugh. Crying cleans the body and mind, laughter nourishes.

 One has to cry, if tears have to flow, do not hold them back. Human tears clean the Heart Chakra, which is the door to the temple of light. Society has suppressed tears, it is more important for men to cry then for women, if only Women can help men cry, we will not have angry men. Crime would vanish from the planet. Earth is female energy, Sky is male energy, Father is sky, Earth is mother, we are all products of earth and sky, Father is seed, mother is earth. If the tree has to go higher the roots will have to go deeper, Man needs grounding or he will be lost in the jungle of intellect. Women has the power to keep the men grounded, In men lies their liberation from this maya (illusion). In women lies the liberation of men.

Man has raw energy, Women has the ability to take that energy and transform it into love and return it to men. The women is more powerful than man. To my mind, the investment in women is double human capital.

 This Earth belongs to her, This planet has survived so far because of women. Remove all the women and man will destroy the planet within 24 hours, he will go mad with the energy. My request to women is help the  man cry. Place your right hand on the heart chakra when your man feels emotionless and lonely. Men feel lonely because they miss the sky & in their moment of loneliness they lose the grounding. Recharge them. Keep their heart chakra clean and  energized in order to get clean energy from them otherwise men will destroy women. They have been doing it for centuries. Woman has enough ability to transform this planet; all she has to do is give love to her man. Unless man becomes “Ardh Nari Swar” (half woman-half man) he will not be transformed.

The responsibility is on women. Man is childish by nature. 99 percent of us are born as kids and die as kids, we never grow, and the reverse is true for women. My wisdom says never hurt a man’s ego. Men survive on their ego; to hurt the ego is like pulling the plug on their life support system. Ego is the only toy man has brought from the sky, in this toy the wisdom of ages is hidden, Please don’t try to snatch this toy from the man and If you do, they will hurt your body in return. As you love your body, man loves his ego, look at the relation. Ego is false and belongs to sky. Body is gross and  belongs to earth.

If a human being wants to have spiritual growth, one should never look at a woman as a sex object. Always look at her as one would look at the mother & and one would feel nourished,  would feel at home. She will nourish one because that is her sole purpose. Don’t you see that in a 2 years old girl? She wants to mother even at the age of 2. She has no choice, that is her basic purpose and she is born with motherly instincts.

 One has to laugh if one feel like, do not control. Laughter cleans the mind and also unblocks the sex centre, and when the sex centre is unblocked the energy moves upwards, nurturing the solar centre, heart, thymus glands, thyroid and goes up and up. All depends upon the state of our consciousness. Do not hold laughter, unless our eyes start tearing we have not laughed. We have to remember that laughter is the best medicine. We have to avoid  the company of the people with negative attitude towards life.

 One has to speak when there is a need, do not hold back and speak nothing but truth, by truth I mean the experience of life. We have to get rid of the guilt, fear & judgement.

One has to be the own role model, who will never be replaced. Everyone is unique. No need to copy others. Just be what one is. I have to practice this every day.  I sit in front of the mirror every day and look into my eyes and say “I Love myself as soul of Professor Madan Mohan Goel”. This is a simple test to know the state of consciousness I am at. The more we can sit in front of the mirror looking into our eyes, the more elevated we are is the sermon for life wisdom to all the readers in all times to come. This article is dedicated to my beloved wife Mrs. Aruna Goel on our 40th marriage anniversary on July 21.

To convert the challenges into opportunities in post covid era, we have to be alert, aware and awake with Vedic wisdom and rationality as stakeholders of the society.

* Former Vice Chancellor and Needonomist Professor retired from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Enjoy surfing the website