Rahul Gandhi versus Modi: No Confidence Motion

By – (Rahul Kumar, Senior Journalist and Media Columnist)

Rahul Gandhi, President of Congress Party spoke well and to the point during No Confidence Motion in the Parliament of India against Mr Modi government.  Everyone in the country appreciated Rahul Gandhi`s knowledge about the issues relating to the common man. Rahul raised several issues which have been adversely affecting the common man in the country under the BJP/RSS government.

Under the Modi government, the farmers are committing suicide, oil prices gone up, GST has broken the backbone of the businessmen.  No relief is given to a common man by Modi government in spite of collection of Central Excise duty on Petroleum and Crude oil  and Petroleum products during 2016-17 was Indian Rupees 198793 crore. Similarly, Custom duties on crude and Petroleum products for the year 2016-17, Indian Rupees 21, 290 crore was collected and this was 40 percent higher than 2015-16( Rs 15,202). Where does this earning by the government go? A very simple answer such earnings go to waive off of the bank loans of the corporate houses not for the development of the country.

Since 2014, all projects launched by Modi government are incomplete. Mr Modi and his administration are completely confused in matters of formulation of policies. Everyday, the people of India find new guidelines, new rules, new recruitment processes. Corruption is at peak. The channels of black money are open. Bank loan defaulters like Nirav Modi and Vijaya Mallya are roaming all over the world except India.

Let all the people of India should ask Mr Modi if the Prime of India enjoys cordial relations with the heads of all the countries of the world, then why cannot Prime Minister of India  speak to Queen Of England (Elizabeth II) to deport an absconder, a cheater Vijay Mallya to India?Vijay Mallya has been running his business successfully since the day he landed in England(UK). Vijay Mallya is in touch with those in India who have helped him in escaping from the country. Then why Prime Minister Mr Modi falsely claims to bring him back. In case of the absconders, all legal agencies have been failed.Mr Modi did not reply on the income proliferation of Mr. Amit Shah`s son. Mr Modi did not speak on farmer loans. Mr. Modi did not reply on Rs.35,60,000 crore bank loan waved off of the corporate houses. On what achievements Mr Modi and RSS are feeling proud of?

All BJP Ministers are quite expert in telling lies. Today who are in power do not believe in Human Right Commission, Amnesty International or any such report.  According to reports released recently by these world renowned organizations reflects the gruesome situation of India. These reports demonstrate that democracy in India is in danger. These reports show data on killings, rapes. Communal tension and intolerance in India has exponentially upsurge under the Modi/RSS government A recent example of Mr Ravi Shankar Parsad, Minister of Law and Justice,  Government of India,  interview with Mr Stephen Sackur during BBC HARDtalk programme reflects that BJP ministers are telling lies to the nation. During the interview, Mr Ravi Shankar Parsad flatly refused to believe the reports by Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International reports by saying that these reports are biased and discriminatory. Similarly, Mr Modi has been telling lies to the people of India since 2014 by making JUMLA after JUMLA.

India has become a country of lynching mob under BJP/RSS. All minority leaders are afraid of speaking against Mr Modi. Rahul Gandhi in the Parliament during his speech quoted the Modi government labour department report saying only four lakhs jobs were provided in a year whereas BJP in its manifesto promised 2 crore jobs in a year. On all fronts, Modi government deceived the common man of the country. Muslims, Dalits, Christians are mercilessly killed in a day light by the goons of RSS/Bajrang Dal, Ram Sena under the nose of the Modi government.  Modi is an expert in creating and telling fairy tales. Illiterate and innocent people of the country believe Mr Modi because they are unable to understand bad impact of the policies on their life in the coming days. Mr Modi has wasted crucial four years of the prime life  of youths by keeping them unemployed. Not only the unemployed youths but also their parents are mentally and emotionally upset. Modi government has failed the people of India.

Rahul Gandhi is a winner. Rahul Gandhi by hugging Mr Modi proved that Indian deserves love and compassion, not hatred and acrimony.