Putin suggests hiking cosmonauts’ salaries by 50-70%

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow, (Asian independent) During a meeting on the development of Russia’s space sector, President Vladimir Putin suggested that the salaries for cosmonauts should be increased by 50-70 per cent.

“I suggest increasing by 50 per cent the salary of those who have already been in space and have been holding prominent positions in the cosmonaut team. And by 70 per cent for cosmonauts-to-be who currently undergo training,” TASS News Agency quoted Putin as saying on Monday.

This is an important issue for the sector employees, according to the President.

“It is still difficult for them now to undertake maximum efforts for achievement of the overall deliverable. They even risk their lives and health,” Putin said.

The President noted that the increase in salaries will also have a positive impact on allowances.

He expects the decision taken to push total earnings of cosmonauts notably higher.

According to officials from Russian space agency Roscosmos, a cosmonaut can receive between $130,000–$150,000 for six months of work on the International Space Station.

They sign specific contracts for each mission and their pay differs significantly from what they receive as a regular salary while on earth.

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