Punjab CM going back on poll promises: BJP

BJP general secretary and party in charge for Punjab, Dushyant Gautam.

Chandigarh, (Asian independent)¬†BJP general secretary and party in charge for Punjab, Dushyant Gautam, on Wednesday called Amarinder Singh a ‘U-turn Chief Minister’, accusing him of going back on his electoral promises.

“After making a complete U-turn on his electoral promises, the CM has now taken a U-turn on decisions he took as the CM of the state,” Gautam said in a statement, reminding him of his statements and “contrary events” that followed.

“It is shocking how Cabinet ministers, MPs and MLAs and even IAS and IPS officers are blatantly flouting his decision. In fact, the CM too violated his own orders on three occasions,” said Gautam.

“On April 14, 2017, the Punjab government issued a statement, that reads, ‘Taking another major step towards the elimination of VIP culture from the state, Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh has prohibited the inclusion of names of any government functionaries, including ministers and MLAs, on foundation stones and inaugural plaques.

“The CM himself is not excluded from these orders, which are aimed at building a stronger connect between the government and the people by removing the VIP culture barriers’,” Gautam pointed out.

“However, when on October 25, 2020, the CM laid the foundation stone for important development projects, including the first sports university of Punjab, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh Punjab Sports University, and a new bus stand in Patiala, photographs of events clearly show his name inscribed on them.

“On May 30, 2019, the CM laid the foundation stone of a vegetable processing plant where again his name is inscribed. The foundation stone of Sardar Bahadur Amin Chand Soni Armed Forces Preparatory Institute in Hoshirapur’s Bajwara village (on February 3, 2021) also has his name,” added Gautam.