Public protest HELD by Alliance Against Gandhi Statues

Alliance Against Gandhi Statues appeals to Manchester City Council to rethink over its decision to allow the unveiling of Gandhi statue on 25th of November 2019 at Manchester Cathedral.


Thursday 21 November 2019 – A public protest was held today against Manchester City Council’s approval to erect a Gandhi Statue at Manchester Cathedral . The protest was held in front of Manchester City Council, Town Hall, War Memorial, St Peter’s Square, M60 2LA organised by Alliance Against Gandhi Statues. The purpose of the protest was not only to expose the hypocrisy and moral character of Gandhi but also raised questions regarding the morally dubious decision taken by Manchester City Council.

The protest was first of its kind in Manchester. The Gandhi myth was given a heavy blow when protesters distributed leaflets to the general public in front of Manchester City Council’s Town Hall. The residents of Manchester exhibited their uninhibited and undaunted spirit to stand for the truth about Gandhi. An overwhelming support and response was given by members of the public from all walks of life including professionals, students, housewives and elderly curious to know about Gandhi and the reason behind the protest. Local residents expressed their shock and dismay over the ‘outrageous’ decision of the City Council to approve the installation of the statue of Gandhi despite the latter’s democratically incompatible thoughts and sexually deviant practices hitherto unknown to masses. Members of the public raised sarcastic comments by pointing out if Gandhi statue can be erected then what is wrong with a statue of paedophile like Jimmy Saville? Why should not the Council erect the statue of Jimmy Saville to commemorate his contribution to art and entertainment industry?

Mancunians proved very receptive to the harsh truth about Gandhi’s racist attitudes and his sexual experiments that he undertook after his wife passed away in 1944. Soon after her death, Gandhi began to abuse his authority and began to sleep with his grand nieces Manu and Abha and his personal physician Dr Sushila Nayyar. Abha was the wife of Gandhi’s grand nephew Kanu Gandhi. Gandhi had been sleeping with her since Abha was 16 and also continued during her marriage to Kanu Gandhi – ref The Naked Gandhi by Jad Adams

Gandhi was prejudiced against Black Africans described Africans as savage, raw Kaffirs (infidels) living life of indolence and nakedness – ref an Indian Opinion by M K Gandhi

According to , the Manchester City Council spokesperson reportedly said that he was aware of ‘debate about Gandhi’s life’, however, the spokesperson added that ‘ most people in the city will see the statue in the context in which it was intended – to spread a message of peace, love and harmony.’

The enlightened citizens and protesters would like to ask the City Council what kind of peace and love could possibly be learnt from a Paedophile who preyed on teenage girls from his own family and others around him . Gandhi had no scruples himself writing unashamedly about his sexual explorations. Questions were raised by those in authority around him at the time and expressed disgust about his actions involving young girls ! What answer will the Council give to school children , young girls and women to justify its decision to install Gandhi statue outside Manchester Cathedral , which is a religious place !

What kind of harmony an unashamed brazen apologist of Fascism and Casteism would inspire who advised the survivors of holocaust that they should have thrown themselves off a cliff rather than resisting Hitler ? What lessons of harmony could possibly Mancunians derive from a rabid Gandhi who actually went on fast onto death – only one time in his life, against the political rights of Untouchables who were subjected to abominable treatment at the hands of fellow Indians during the British Raj.

Does Manchester Council feel guilty about its British colonialist past or is it sending a signal to the Indian Government to improve bi-lateral relations with an eye on trade by using Gandhi as a soft tool ? However plausible the diplomatic and political motive might seem, the erection of Gandhi statue in the West is a mockery of the egalitarian and democratic values West represents and more so the UK.

The presence of Gandhi statue amidst our public places shall normalize the sexual deviance like paedophilia – one of the controversial perversion of Gandhi ! On the other hand, it goes against the grain of values of equality and social inclusion as Gandhi was against the empowerment of socially marginalized communities as well as religious minorities.

The protest highlighted that by popularising Gandhi in the UK, despite his anti-social personal traits and deviant sexual habits, will do more damage to the culture and people all around.

Alliance Against Gandhi Statues appeals to Manchester City Council to rethink over its morally thoughtless decision and rescind the decision to allow the unveiling of Gandhi statue on 25th of November 2019 at Manchester Cathedral.

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Shekhar Bodhakar is a London based Ambedkarite thinker and anti-caste activist. He is the Composer of Buddha Taal and has also worked as Head of Mathematics department in a London college in the past. Mobile; +44 7764 711215