People feeding stray cattle, monkeys in Agra

Langurs deployed by security agencies on the route of US President Donald Trump's convoy to tackle monkey menace in Agra on the eve of Trump's visit, on Feb 23, 2020.

Agra, (TAI) Thousands of stray cows, dogs and monkeys are been provided with green fodder, toasts and bananas in Agra by the locals after reports suggested that animals were turning aggressive and violent due to lack of food.

Pandit Jugal Kishore of the River Connect Campaign told IANS: “People who used to feed monkeys and birds at the Yamuna river bank stopped coming due to nationwide lockdown. The monkeys had turned ferocious and were attacking all those who passed this way. Several organisations came forward to provide food packets for the humans but the simian, canine and bovine population have been under acute stress for want of food. Our group pooled in resources and are doing our best to offer these creatures some relief.”

With one more suspected case of a young female who had recently returned from London, the number of positive coronavirus cases in Agra has gone upto 10. Over a thousand are still under observation.