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Vidya Bhushan Rawat

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Dear Friends,

I am introducing you to some of my work which have been published in the last five six years. After much effort these books have been made available on Amazon and I hope you will now be able to order them for your personal collections or libraries. I would be grateful if you can write your impression about them. I am not really a commercial author and have made all effort to document the grassroots movements and knowledge. Most of this work is unpaid as I was never part of any organised network or association. I have rarely written to people but now I am writing in hope that you will find some of them useful. If you feel that they are important please do write your impressions and promote them which will give me strength and encouragement to contribute further.

You can order some of the books at Amazon.in. The available books are : Contesting Marginalisation : Conversations on Ambedkarism and Social Justice, Volume 1, published by People’s Literature Publication. These conversations covered over a period of 20 years with leading Ambedkarites of the country, some worked with Baba Saheb Aambedkar while others lived a life to strengthen Ambedkar mission. Shri Bhagwan Das, L R Balley, V T Rajshekar, Raja Dhale, Manuahar Mauli Biswas, Shri Arun Kumar, UK, Santosh Das, UK, N G Uke, Dr R M Pal, Vijay Surwade, Dr A K Biswas, Dr Anand Teltumbde , Prof Kevin Brown, Indian University, USA, etc. There are two interviews from Nepal and one from a indigenous community person from Bangladesh. You can order this from amzaon. at https://www.amazon.in/Contesting-Marginalisations-Vidya-Bhushan-Rawat

Rise and Role of the marginalised communities in the Indian Freedom Movement, published by Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi

This book explore the often neglected but historic role of the dalits and indigenous people in India’s freedom movement.. It also discuss the big movement of social justice in India including Ambedkar, Phule and Periyar’s struggle which rarely formed part of our history textbooks.

Land Acquisition and Land Alienation in India published by People’s Literature Publication

This book has caste studies from various Indian states where movement against land acquisition took place.

Land For Development : Understanding Free Prior Informed Consent published by People’s Literature Publication

This book includes contributions from different activists on the issue of Consent in india’s developmental projects and how it is often violated and misinterpreted. Important for developmental activists.

In case you are interested you can order these books from Amazon.in Some of the new publications will be available in the coming days.

I hope you will order them and will write your reviews about them.

Thank you and do write if you need any other clarification.


Vidya Bhushan Rawat
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