One Day National Conference “In Diasporas”organized in New Delhi

 By Rahul Kumar, GRFDT Founder Member & Senior Journalist

Global Research Forum on Diaspora and Transnationalism (GRFDT) organized One Day National Conference at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, on the theme “In Diasporas”. A journal on “Migration and Diasporas”- An Interdisciplinary Journal was formally launched in the conference. Dr. Sadanand Sahoo and Dr. Amba Pande are the co-editors of the Journal.

Rahul Kumar, Founder Member, and Editorial Associate delivered a welcome address and apprised the participants of the event.

Distinguished Speakers: Prof. R.K Jain, former Professor of Sociology, JNU, Prof. Binod Khadria, Chairperson Zakir Husain centre, JNU, Prof. Harish Narang, a visiting Professor at the Ambedkar University and Ambassador Anup Kumar Mudgal, former High Commissioner to Mauritius, Prof.  Shobhita Jain , IGNOU, New Delhi inaugurated the conference and enlightened the participants with their firsthand knowledge and experiences on the issues of Migration and Diasporas. Journal was officially launched by distinguished speakers.

The following edited four books were also launched and discussed during the conference.

  1. Dr. Amba Pande `s book: Women in the Indian Diaspora: Historical Narratives and Contemporary Challenges.
  2. Dr. Nandini C Sen `s book: Through The Diasporic Lens
  3. Dr. Sudeep Basu `s  book: In Diasporic Lands: Tibetan Refugees and their Transformation since the Exodus
  4. Mr. Nitesh Narnolia and Ms. Mousan book: Identity, Diaspora and Literature Theorizing New Diasporic Consciousness.

GRFDT Team: Dr. Sadanand Sahoo, Dr. G. Srinivas, Dr. M. Mahalingam, Dr. Vijay Kumar Soni, Rahul Kumar, Rakesh Ranjan, Monika Bisht, Ashwani Kumar, Amardeep Kumar, Kalyani, Tasha Agarwal, Arsala and Feroz participated in the conference.

GRFDT is an emerging platform for the young scholars working on Migration and Diaspora. Since its inception, GRFDT has achieved numerous milestones in the field of research and producing relevant literature on Migration and Diaspora. It is a matter of proud that within a few years of its inception, GRFDT`s visionary founders, guides and philosophers like Prof. R.K. Jain, Dr. Sadanand Sahoo, Dr. G. Srinivas and Dr. M. Mahalingam able to involve prominent academic stalwarts across the globe in the editorial advisory board.

GRFDT has already successfully organized three international and one national conference in New Delhi, India. Dr. M. Mahalingam has announced the next conference in 2020. The final date and venue will be updated on GRFDT website. All interested scholars are requested to visit GRFDT site in the coming future.

GRFDT is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization engaged in academic research work and production of the journal, monographs, and books. We look forward to our well-wishers, sympathizers, and donors to offer sponsorship to the forthcoming conference in 2020.