Once a smoker, always a smoker is a myth: Sherlyn Chopra

Mumbai,  Actress-model Sherlyn Chopra, who is going to create awareness about side-effects of smoking through her new anti-smoking video, has said that once a smoker, always a smoker is a myth.

Sherlyn Chopra was interacting with media to talk about her new anti-smoking campaign on Wednesday in Mumbai.

Sherlyn Chopra was a chain smoker at one point and she is going to release an anti-smoking video on the eve of Independence day. Talking about her video, she said, “I will release my video on this issue titled as ‘No Smoking’ before Independence Day,” she said.

“Through the video, I just want to pass on a message that the way we celebrate freedom on Independence Day, similarly, we should free ourselves from nicotine and celebrate healthier life,” she said.

Sherlyn Chopra has joined hands with government of Maharashtra to generate awareness for no-smoking through her video. “I showed my video to Maharashtra government and I am thankful that they really like it. They felt that my video is a sincere and honest effort to educate people to give up smoking.”

When asked what message she will give to the audience who are struggling with addiction, she said, “I quit smoking last year and hopefully till my last breath, I will support the no-smoking cause. I think despite being a chain smoker, if I can give up, then anybody can. It’s not a big deal.”

She said it is all in the mind. “We think that quitting smoking is difficult but it is not the case. It is a false belief that nicotine is a stress buster. If you want to chill, then go for a swim or talk to a friend. All it takes is just little bit of tuning of our beliefs and if we changed those beliefs then our body automatically starts adjusting.”

Sherlyn Chopra was last seen in short film Maaya in 2017 which was directed, written and produced by herself.