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Inauguration of the President of America Honourable Mr. Biden and the Vice President Madam Kamala Harris was performed in the White House Washington, on the 20th January 2021 and was watched by millions all around the world.

A new chapter has been added in the history of America by madam Kamala Harris by becoming the first Indian-American lady to become the Vice President of America. She is also the first woman ever sworn in this position.

She has proved to this world that in America, opportunities are equal for all regardless of colour, race or belief.

India needs to learn from this that their idea to spread Hindutva needs to be dropped because it spreads hatred and classifies humans through the castes and the varnas. It also promotes segregation.

Following a few days of uproar the dust in America has finally settled. Now a lot of Americans have started to understand that Mr Trump to maintain his ruling was inciting his supporters. Many Americans now hold of view that he wanted to establish divide and rule in America.

Mr Modi is trying to do the same in India. His Government is establishing division through introduction of the marriage Acts. These acts are being introduced to stop inter caste marriages taking place.

Baba Sahib Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar and Savita Ji (his second spouse) ended this taboo by their marriage in 1948 but after eight years, their happy marriage ended in the year 1956 through demise of Dr Ambedkar.

She was not just an ordinary person. She was a medical officer and also was an activist. Their love blossomed and they both decided to get married.

By marrying Dr Ambedkar, Savita Ji broke all the caste barriers to show that all the mankind are same. None is better that the other by birth. To consider that one is better than other through birth is a false assumption. Savita Ji and Dr Ambedkar Sahib opened the door to inter caste marriages.

Unfortunately, Mr Modi and his associates, now to establish Hindu supremacy in India are finding ways to bring an end to the inter caste marriages.

Sati in the olden times was introduced to maintain Brahmin code of purity and superiority by birth. Upon demise of her husband the widow had to offer herself to Agni. This was done to stop her mingling with the Adhivasi (the natives of India).

If Kamala Harris was in India, it is quite likely that she may not have been able to marry someone of her own choice because a lot of opposition would have arose against her.

The present Government is introducing very inhumane marriage acts. They are passing ordinances that one can only marry in his own caste. If someone wants to marry from another caste then he will have to submit a written application to the authorities to seek permission.

Whatever decision they make will be bounding? If they disapprove then the marriage will not go forward. What is India heading to? The choices and the Democratic rights of the people are being stolen. The trust of the people towards the Indian Judiciary has been damaged.

The citizens of India do not know who to turn to. The policing practises are corrupt. The evidences of the murders through rape are being destroyed by burning their bodies in the open fields in the middle of the night in presence of the police.

Education in India since sometime is being privatised to stop the poor reaching the Universities because friendships develop in the Universities and end as couples.

The marriages between the higher castes and the lower castes are indeed a big worry for the Dharma Gurus because it affects their claim of being superior to all by birth.

The RSS has always been against the inter caste marriages. The BJP is offshoot of the RSS and now has majority in the Government and are passing laws those will eventually bring the majority below the poverty line.

The three farm laws in question have been introduced with this in mind that eventually their land will fall into the grab of the corporations and they will drop below the poverty line.

The farmers have sussed out the strategy behind this so to protect their livelihood and the future of their coming generations are protesting in millions on the borders of India. They have come from all the states of India.

For sixty days, the farmer which includes children from six to seniors aged ninety have slept in the tractors, the trolleys and in the tents in icy cold weather. Over a hundred people have passed away but still Mr Modi is failing to give any attention.

Honourable Mr Biden and Madam Kamala Harris are both very considerate persons who wholly support humanitarian grounds. They are quite aware of the protests going on in Delhi and many are looking forward to see whether they can help in any manner to ease the sufferings endured by the farmers.

The Indian organisations in America, England and Europe should raise a joint voice in support of the farmers and the mazdoors who are been down looked by the Indian Government.

Dr Ambedkar Sahib with a painful heart has stated that an uneducated higher caste TANGA WALA thinks he is better than a Barrister because in his heart he believes that he is superior to all by birth.

He down looks on the rest and Mr Modi is doing the same on the protestors protesting for their livelihood. He has shown of no mercy for them.

Jai Bharat, Jai Bhim
– Mitej Teji

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