Mitej Teji

(Asian Independent)

Mother India since Independence has gained world-wide respect. Prior to this, centuries ago the European and the English Authorities sent explorers in search of India. They risked high seas to reach it. Queen Victoria had a lot of interest in India. India attracted all because it had wealth, spices and rich history.

The Aryans were the first foreigners to enter India through Hindu Kush and the History between them and the inhabitants of India started here in West India then known as Sind Ghatti. Today’s Punjab, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma and Nagaland were part of it.

The Aryans since arrival have spread hatred against the natives and from the rulers have degraded them to mere nothing. Ancient cities Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are evidence to native progress and these discoveries have uncovered the truth covered by the Aryans. These archaeological discoveries by Sir Wheeler in the year 1920 have brought pride and dignity for the natives but the hatred against them has remained intact.

It was mostly the natives who joined the British Army in India. They performed beyond British expectations and many for bravery received Victoria Crosses. The fighting spirit of the Ghurkha and the Sikh regiment is still remembered.

Through the loyalty shown by the Ghurkha soldiers, the British Government included them in the Her Majesty troops.

Since Independence, all the ruling Governments have pursued a motto to improve India economically and build it’s Military arson. Unfortunately, all the Governments have totally ignored those who are below poverty line. They have purposely kept them in that state.

By keeping them in this state they are able to use them in any manner that would enhance their success. On false promises and through bribes, the poor are easily bought for their votes and used in making of a huge number in the election gatherings. They are also used to cause trouble during the election period. The circumstances of the poor force them to fulfil such demands.

But now through this BJP Government, the things have worsened because it is following a different agenda and that is to establish Hindu Rashtra in India. For them establishing of the Hindu Rashtra is more important than India’s progress. Their main concern is to replace Indian Constitution by Manusmriti.

Thousands are dying but instead of saving lives, they are completed focused in building of new central Vista. For them, it seems that this project is of utmost importance then the human life.

There is lack of oxygen in the hospitals and medical staff is deeply depressed in the way the deaths are happening. They are raising awareness to third wave but the Government is failing to respond.

It seems the Government is chasing to cut gap between 85% and 15%. Through rallies the corona has spread into the rural areas and there they have no medical aid at all. They are dying in large numbers but exact numbers are not being informed.

The poor in the rural area are unable to finance cremating so in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh they are putting the bodies in River Ganges. More than 100 bodies have been recovered by the villagers in Bihar those were floating in the River Ganges. The authorities are only declaring forty.

Some believe that bodies are also being put in the River Ganges by the authorities to hide the true figures. Another theory is that the bodies have been put in the River Ganges in hope they reach Bengal and would give the BJP Government an opportunity to strike at Mumta Benerjee.

Dirty politics have become a norm in India. In England the life is returning back to normal because the Government has acted as per recommendation of the scientists and medical administrators. The Indians living in the foreign countries are now noticing that the Hindus have started to lose the respect they had.

The Muslims and the Sikhs have started to gain respect because their good deeds are being shown worldwide. The Muslims and the Sikhs were labelled as terrorists but to the world they have proved that it is the Hindus who are raciest towards other communities.

The people living in Britain are experiencing this so an application for the caste act was raised. It was finalised and was to be implemented but has been held back. What is happening in India does prove that RSS is caste based ideology. It has not made any effort to help the needy and the BJP Government is serving FIR’s on the people who are trying to help the ones in need.

The Corpses those have been left behind by those who cannot meet the cremation costs are being buried or cremated by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Sikh are feeding the needy and helping the covid sufferers by supplying oxygen.

The world was shocked to see that the oxygen tanks donated by Saudi Arabia had Reliance stickers put on to hide the donator’s name. This shows of hidden hate against the Muslims within the RSS and BJP.

We are living in 21st century but this Government is trying to drag us back into ancient times when the Brahmins had full control under their belt. It is like bringing back slavery in India.

Jai Bharat
– Mitej Teji

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