Forecast as of December 2017

You seem adept at the ability to juggle different aspects of life. Stay flexible to pick what’s most important and take smart risks. Balance is key. Are the love interests too many to handle? Or too much pressure juggling finance? This month may find you travelling between two places often. Relax.

Self-belief, confidence, passion, hard work, enthusiasm are your strengths. Dream big, you have the ability to manifest it. An opportunity for a new project, job or venture, is likely. Being arrogant and overconfident can fan problems. Take the lead in the area of love. Timing is everything.

The time has come for you to shine your brightest. Are you ready for it? To take centre-stage? Be open to new beginnings. Make positive changes in your health. Things are going to be changing soon; increased responsibility or someone important taking an interest in your work.

Celebrations, social gatherings and abundant blessings are likely. New opportunities, new beginnings and travel, too. There is happiness, love, and dreams may just come true. You are on the road to emotional healing from the issues of the past. Be in gratitude.

This month calls for diplomacy in your professional dealings. Keep your cards close to your chest in financial dealings. Your peace-making skills are heightened. Putting others first would go a long way in building relationships. Be calm in the midst of any crisis. Allow people the freedom to make their choices.

situation , stay calm , it ’ll pass away as quickly as it appeared . Watch your words , they may get you into trouble especially in matters of the heart.

Your focus is likely to be on your career and finance. Life may seem monotonous however, success lies in the grind. Adding a new skill will add to your networth. Open yourself to new opportunities, however vet them well. Pay attention to your romantic life as well. Ignoring it would lead to imbalance.

You may feel trapped by a few challenges the month might bring. Focus on solutions instead of being slave to the issues. Strike back negative emotions with rational thinking. Relationships may encounter some strain. Take time off – communicate and express. It isn’t as bad as it seems.

Go ahead with that goal/project you’ve been nurturing with confidence and grit. Positive news, awaits. Share your success story and watch doors open for you with new connections, rewards and recognition. Teamwork leads to victory so reign that ego.

If you feel unappreciated and are focussed on what you don’t have, then you seem to lack perspective. Reorganize your thoughts. Be in gratitude for all that you have – a job, money (even if it doesn’t seem much) a relationship. Clear the fog of apathy and you’ll see clearly. Be mindful of temptations around you.

It’s time to unleash your creativity, sense of adventure, excitement and enthusiasm. Courage and assertiveness can take you a step forward towards your goal. Seize the opportunities striding your way. A new relationship or newness in an existing one is likely. Watch your spends.

Competition might try to cower you so be assertive. Your optimism and boundless energy is likely to see you sashay to success. Finance is good, however resist the urge of spending, aimlessly. If you are looking for a job, the signs are positive. Go out there and mingle if love is what you seek.

Hard work, careful planning, teamwork and co-operation is the focus, this month. You may be sought after for your specialized skills. And, your efforts are likely to receive recognition. Be resourceful and grasp the opportunities making their way to you.